Our Charity Work

Disability Awareness

As patrons of the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation we have joined with them in a special Disability Awareness scheme in which Gladstone Brookes staff are receiving training in disability awareness before going out into the community and passing their skills on to others. The scheme is designed to challenge able bodied people to put themselves in the shoes of people with a range of disabilities. As well as giving them an insight into the disabled cope with day to day life it will also show how sport can bring huge benefits to disabled people.

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A Message from the Business

Gladstone Brookes employs in excess of 250 people and we feel strongly about our duties in respect of Social Responsibility and how we can benefit the wider community. We are all very privileged to have stable employment at a time when not everybody has this stability – it is therefore our duty to ensure that we do what we can to benefit others less fortunate than us. It is for this reason that Gladstone Brookes have organised the Charitable Events that are detailed on this page and have planned more events for the year.

Each month throughout the year we will be nominating a Charity who we will work with throughout that month, culminating in us generating funds for them in one way or another. The Charity nominations will come from the staff of Gladstone Brookes, who will then be actively participating in the organisation and execution of the event itself – be that bringing Disability Awareness to local schoolchildren, or a fancy dress day in the Office. We would like you to get involved in our blogs and our pledges to ensure that as much awareness and funds are generated to help those who need our help.