Setting the Standards

pfca logoClaims management companies (CMCs) have had bad press over the years. Thankfully, the Claims Management Regulator (CMR) monitors the industry and they audit CMC practices to ensure that the rules are followed. The CMR has closed over 1000 CMCs who have not met their standards since they became the regulator.

In addition to claims management regulation, Gladstone Brookes strives to “deliver excellent customer service” and as such, are founder members of the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA). The PFCA aims to raise the standards of the financial claims management sector, by “highlighting professional and ethical standards and practices” and “putting consumers first” to ensure they have “access to justice”.

Five of the UK’s leading financial claims management companies, including Gladstone Brookes, are founder members and aim to set the bench mark for best practice within the industry. The key provisions and objectives of the association are:

  • An authoritative and credible ‘voice’ within the CMC sector
  • A Code of Practice which ‘puts the consumer first’
  • Independent accountability for regulatory compliance
  • A wealth of experience in financial claims management
  • Committed to high standards of consumer care
  • Addressing consumer issues and industry negativity
  • Offering the CMC sector Services and Benefits

The PFCA Code of Practice is viewable on the association’s website and Gladstone Brookes’ compliance with the code is subject to an audit by an independently appointed company.

For further information, please visit the PFCA Website at