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Mis-sold PPI on your Britannia Loan?

If you’ve taken out a loan or credit card in the past with Britannia, you may have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy. If the PPI is found to have been mis-sold, you are entitled to a refund of premiums paid.

Still not sure whether you had PPI? Gladstone Brookes offers a Free PPI Check** which aims to identify any PPI you could reclaim. To get started, fill in our PPI Check Form or call us on 01925 321 0150800 862 0375 today.

Have Britannia mis-sold you PPI?

Below is a small list of possible ways to mis-sell payment protection insurance. If any sound familiar, then it’s possible you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and could start a claim:

  • Do you remember Britannia giving you the option to refuse PPI?
  • Did Britannia ask if you’re entitled to sickness pay from your employer?
  • Did Britannia explain that you can shop around for PPI?
  • Were you asked about your medical history including pre-existing health problems?
  • Were the costs of the PPI policy explained properly by Britannia?

Claim your mis-sold PPI back from Britannia

The above list shows just a few of the many ways you may have been mis-sold your PPI policy. If any of them sound like the circumstances you were in then you may have a claim. To get started with our PPI Check, to find out which of your lenders sold you PPI, call us on 01925 321 0150800 862 0375 or fill in our PPI check form. If your PPI Check shows that PPI was or may have been present, you will be advised of your options and the possibility of making a claim to recover any money you may be owed for PPI.

Did Britannia sell you PPI?

To start a PPI check and find out if you were sold PPI, which you could reclaim, simply fill in our online form. Start My PPI Check

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