The UK’s Personal Debt Hotspots Revealed

London and Northern Ireland have been identified as personal debt hotspots, according to a recent study.

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Payment Protection Insurance Complaints Rise by 63 Per Cent

New figures released by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) show that the total number of complaints made in the second half of 2010 about payment protection insurance increased by a staggering 63%.

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Growing Unemployed to Claim on Mortgage Payment Insurance

The Chancellor’s Budget has outlined measures to help families meet the high cost of living, stating that the previous model was based on providing a stable base for the economy to grow.

The measures that were announced by George Osborne include funding for first time buyers to help get them onto the property ladder, a fuel duty cut and a personal income level rise.

The problem of unemployment however is expected to remain bad causing many to claim on their mortgage payment protection insurance to cover their repayments if they have lost their jobs.
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Salary Freezes Place Pressure on Finances

Brits’ salaries are not increasing in-line with inflation new research shows, with many experiencing pay freezes.

For those with loans and debts to repay, the high cost of living is making it harderRead More

Unemployment May Highlight More Cases of Mis-Sold PPI

Latest unemployment figures paint a bleak picture for the state of the economy as 2.53 million were revealed to be out of work in the UK.

For many with financial commitments, now may be the time after being made redundant that they claim on their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), however, cases of mis-sold PPI may leave them out of pocket and inline to claim compensation for mis sold PPI.

The figures released by the Office for National StatisticsRead More

Mortgage Lending Falls Following Spending Cuts

Latest figures show mortgage lending was down to lower than expected levels in January, indicating the cautious nature of potential home owners.

While December and January are expected to show a decrease in lending to potential house buyers, the beginning of 2011 showed lending was down by 26 percent, Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) research shows.

The experts suggest this is due to the Government’s spending cuts which are causing less peopleRead More

Find Out How to Claim Mis Sold PPI

The recent case where Welcome Financial Service Limited (WFSL) was revealed to be mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) has brought to light the extra compensation consumers could claim.

The Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) advised those who were affected to claim from them after WFSL was declared in default, so was unable to or unlikely to pay any claims on PPI.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is taken out by customers who agree to a loan or other financial products, so they pay an amount each month to give them the ability to claim if for some unexpected reason, they are unable to meet these repayments due to illness or unemployment.
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Smoking is Top Health Regret

National Stop Smoking day brings to light the number of people who regret not kicking the habit when they were younger, new research shows.

Nearly a third of the nation think smoking is one of the greatest risks to the health of the UK population.

According to Cancer Research UK, lung cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in the UK. Around 41,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK in 2008, which equates to 112 peopleRead More

Financially Independent Females Fail to Take Out PPI

Women are increasingly assuming financial independence, with 46 percent describing themselves as the main breadwinner.

The 100th celebration of International Women’s Day has revealed the turn-around of women being financially independent in today’s society, with 46 percent of working females describing themselves as the main family earner.

A Bright Grey study showed that while women’s financial voice is growing, with 61 percent statingRead More

Sickness Rate Increases May Highlight PPI Mis-Selling

Figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown that sickness rates and absence from work have returned to pre-recession levels, but many employees hoping to rely on PPI when ill could find that they are inadequately protected.

Official figures show that during the recession, absences from work due to illness actually decreased, reaching a record low of 2.1 per cent of employees in the labour force who have had at least one day off sickRead More