Payment Protection Insurance too Expensive for Women

Women cannot afford to take out insurance to cover their financial obligations should they become seriously ill and unable to work, new research reveals.

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The UK’s Personal Debt Hotspots Revealed

London and Northern Ireland have been identified as personal debt hotspots, according to a recent study.

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Which Banks Do You Think Offer the Worst Service?

Barclays received more than 205,000 complaints regarding its banking services in the last six months of 2010, making it the most complained about UK financial institution, new research shows. What banks do you think offer the worst service to their customers?

These figures come following the news from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) that the total number of complaints made in this period about payment protection insurance increased by 63 percent.
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Payment Protection Insurance Complaints Rise by 63 Per Cent

New figures released by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) show that the total number of complaints made in the second half of 2010 about payment protection insurance increased by a staggering 63%.

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Did the Banks Make the Credit Crunch Worse?

Industry regulators in the US and the UK are investigating a number of banks over allegedly ‘rigging’ the rate at which banks lend to each other in a bid to make lending conditions seem healthier thanRead More

Unemployment Will Increase Claims for Missold Insurance

The Budget has left the nation increasingly worried about their financial situation, new research reveals. With unemployment set to rise, claiming for missold insurance is undoubtedly set to increase, too.

As many as 41 per cent of the total population are worried about their finances and what the future holds for their wallets. Research from found that 20% of the population now feels less confident about their job, while 37% feel worse off after the budget.
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Unpredictable Careers Highlights the Scandal of Missold PPI

New research from America shows that younger workers readily assume that their working lives will be far less predictable than their parents’ career paths.

With the chances of being made redundant at some point during your career increasingly likely, being mis-sold payment protection insurance is something no one should sit back and take on the chin – claim compensation now.

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Growing Unemployed to Claim on Mortgage Payment Insurance

The Chancellor’s Budget has outlined measures to help families meet the high cost of living, stating that the previous model was based on providing a stable base for the economy to grow.

The measures that were announced by George Osborne include funding for first time buyers to help get them onto the property ladder, a fuel duty cut and a personal income level rise.

The problem of unemployment however is expected to remain bad causing many to claim on their mortgage payment protection insurance to cover their repayments if they have lost their jobs.
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Mortgage Affordability Criteria Slackened by FSA

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has back-tracked on its tough mortgage lending criteria, which would have seen lenders carry out affordability assessments.

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Mis-Selling of Insurance Products Needs Regulation

New research from an insurance industry body suggests that the mis-selling of insurance products by brokers should be regulated thoroughly, but the current cost of regulation are too high.

Claim money back now if you think you were mis-sold insurance by an insurance broker.

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