North East Urged to Check Redundancy Protection Insurance

Economically the North East of England remains in trouble as new figures show unemployment has risen, even though overall employment rose across the nation, figures show.

If you are worried about being made redundant, check your redundancy protection insurance to ensure you are covered should you lose your job.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS)Read More

Compromise Agreements: How they Affect PPI

Payment protection insurance typically covers a person should they lose their job. There are different types of payment protection insurance, some which cover a person’s income in full and all the billsRead More

Income Protection Cover: Two in Five Go Without

Brits are being urged to take out adequate income protection cover to protect their families if they should lose their main source of income.

The recent number of cases where people have been mis-sold payment protection insurance however increases the need for Brits to investigate this product carefully.

Statistics from Nationwide reveal more families in Britain have cover in place for their property and possessions than they do to protect themselvesRead More

Break up Banks That Think They Are ‘Too Big To Fail’

The Independent Commission on Banking recommends major changes to the way that the British banking sector operates. But will they put British consumers at the heart of the banking sector?

Held widely responsible for the Credit Crunch and the recession that we are all still reeling from, one of the main outcomes of the banking crisis for many was the realisation that many banks felt as if they could act with impunity as they were ‘too big to fail.’

TheRead More

Is There a North-South Property Divide?

Latest figures show where property transactions across the country have fallen the most since the recession.

As anyone trying to sell (or buy even) a house will be able to tell you – property transactionsRead More

Credit Card Reward Schemes Top Priority

New figures find that 28% of people want to take advantage of new credit card reward schemes, but currently only one in three credit card providers offer them.

Research by Sainsbury’s Credit Cards shows that of the 8.65 million people planning to take out a new credit card in the next 12 months, 28% want a credit card offering a loyalty reward above anything else.

At the moment just over a third of credit card providers offer a loyalty schemeRead More

New Lending Code for Banks

A new lending code has been published to ensure lenders act fairly and reasonably when selling financial products to consumers.

The British Bankers’ Association, the Building Societies AssociationRead More