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Missold an Interest Only Mortgage?

Were you badly advised to take out an interest only mortgage? Lumbered with an unaffordable mortgage? You could be liable for compensation if you were mis-sold a mortgage. During the property boom interest only mortgages were all the rage, after all, why get all your cash tied up repaying equity in your home when property […]

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Huge Room for Improvement in the Banking Sector

A new report on how well the banking sector helps customers manage their money has revealed a slight improvement, however the experts still insist it has a long way to go.

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Tuesday is the Busiest Day for Savers

Between 3 and 4pm on a Tuesday Brits are more likely to open their online savings accounts than at any other time during the week, new figures show. But could they use this time wisely and be better off looking to claim compensation for missold insurance instead? Twenty percent of people open their online savings […]

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North East Urged to Check Redundancy Protection Insurance

The North East remains in trouble as it sees unemployment rise, even though overall employment rose across the nation, figures show.

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Compromise Agreements: How they Affect PPI

Payment protection insurance typically covers a person should they lose their job. There are different types of payment protection insurance, some which cover a person’s income in full and all the bills they receive and are unable to pay, while others cover just a certain financial commitment, such as mortgage payment protection insurance.

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New Consumer Law Plans to Help Victims of Misselling

New proposals for consumers who may have been mis-sold products and services from unscrupulous companies and individuals could help people who have lost money and help stamp out unacceptable sales techniques. Proposals put forward by the Law Commission, if put into practise, could see consumers take action against companies, return items and seek

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Income Protection Cover: Two in Five Go Without

Brits are being urged to take out adequate financial protection cover to protect their families if they should lose their main income.

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Bad Mortgage Advice: Don’t Put Up With It

Bad mortgage advice can leave you with years of financial misery and could even lead to you losing the home that you’ve worked so hard to buy. Don’t put up with it. Follow these tips on how to avoid getting bad mortgage advice. A mortgage is, for most us, the single biggest financial purchase we […]

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Remortgage Advice: Avoid Being Mis Sold a Mortgage

Looking to take out a new mortgage? Finding the right mortgage when you are looking to remortgage for your needs is massively important if you want to avoid paying too much, or even landing yourself with a mortgage you cannot afford in the long run. Mortgage advice is important when it comes to buying a […]

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Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers & What You Need to Know

Anyone who already has a credit card, or more importantly credit card debt, will be able to benefit from good credit card balance transfer offers. Follow these tips for finding the right card. Competition in this market is growing all of the time with a number of eye-popping balance transfer credit cards currently on the […]

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Break up Banks That Think They Are ‘Too Big To Fail’

The Independent Commission on Banking recommends major changes to the way that the British banking sector operates. But will they put British consumers at the heart of the banking sector? Held widely responsible for the Credit Crunch and the recession that we are all still reeling from, one of the main outcomes of the banking […]

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Is There a North-South Property Divide?

Latest figures show where property transactions across the country have fallen the most since the recession. As anyone trying to sell (or buy even) a house will be able to tell you – property transactions

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Credit Card Reward Schemes Top Priority

New figures find that 28% of people want to take advantage of new credit card reward schemes, but currently only one in three credit card providers offer them. Research by Sainsbury’s Credit Cards shows that of the 8.65 million people planning to take out a new credit card in the next 12 months, 28% want […]

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New Lending Code for Banks

A new lending code has been published to ensure lenders act fairly and reasonably when selling financial products such as mis sold Payment Protection Insurance to consumers.

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