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PPI Mis Selling and Other Loan Issues to Check

One of the strangest things about the PPI mis selling issue is that many of the affected bank customers don’t even know that it happened to them. This means that it makes sense to check out your loan paperwork to see if you are due money back due to PPI mis selling. While you are […]

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A Few of the Clear Signs of a Mis-sold Mortgage

Your mortgage is probably the biggest financial investment of your life. If you are struggling to pay back the monthly payment then finding out that you have been lumbered with an unsuitable, mis-sold mortgage can be a crushing blow. Fortunately, you can now go about claiming back what you have incorrectly paid and recent pay-outs […]

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What Will My Bank Think If I Claim Back PPI?

It is believed that there are still several million UK citizens who were wrongly sold Payment Protection Insurance and who could go about claiming it back. The vast majority of claims to date have been successful so why haven’t they all started the process already? One reason could be a fear about the reaction of […]

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The Basic Facts about Mis-sold Payment Protection

The chances are that you have already seen or heard something about cases of mis-sold Payment Protection, even if you have never considered it as something which directly affects you. Having said that, there are so many suspected cases of mis-sold Payment Protection which haven’t resulted in claims yet that maybe you are one of […]

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How to Go About Claiming for Mis-sold Insurance

The actual process of claiming for mis-sold insurance is really simple. All you need to do is get an online expert to take on your case. However, what you might like to know first of all is whether you have a valid claim or not. There are many valid reasons for asking for your insurance […]

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Common Mistakes Made around Mis Sold Payment Protection

With an estimated figure of more than 20 million UK citizens eligible to claim on mis sold payment protection there is a fair chance that you are among this number. Possibly the best place to start is by clearing up a few of common misconceptions on this subject which you might come across, such as […]

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Claiming Back PPI is Easy with an Expert

The on-going saga of UK bank customers and mis sold insurance pay-outs looks like rolling on for a good bit longer. The one sure way to start claiming back PPI as soon as possible is to lean on an expert and let them sort things out for you. A lot of people don’t know about […]

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Are you on the Long List of People Who Have Been Mis Sold PPI?

I had never realised that so many people in the country had been mis sold PPI until I started investigating the subject. The only case I knew of until then was of my parents. However, once I started looking into the subject it dawned on me the scale of the issue. I had already read […]

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Will You Be Claiming for Mis Sold Insurance?

If you are thinking of claiming for mis sold insurance then the first step is to work out whether you have an insurance policy in the first place. This might sound like the most obvious thing you have read all day but it is worth going over again. The reason for this, and why so […]

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What Would You do With the Payment Protection Claims Money?

Up to £7,500 could be due back to you if you were mis sold Payment Protection Insurance. What would you do with all that cash? I decided to let myself drift into a few daydreams and think about what I would with all these cash which is available under payment protection claims.

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It Still Pays to Look Out For the Signs of Mis Sold PPI

New rules to prevent mis sold PPI policies are due to come out in two stages soon, firstly in October of 2011 and then in April of 2012. You would think that with the huge controversy over the millions upon millions of mis sold PPI policies which people are starting to claim back that the […]

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Hopefully My Old Customers Claim Back PPI Soon

I used to work in a UK bank. There, I’ve admitted it and it wasn’t too bad, was it? My background as a mortgage underwriter is part of the reason why I am so keen to see my old customers claim back PPI. I never actually dealt with customers face to face as I was […]

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Even My Parents Got Mis Sold Payment Protection

I have been lucky never to have been mis sold payment protection. Because I worked for a bank I also arranged my staff loans, and wasn’t silly enough to mis sell myself a useless policy. However,

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Don’t Let a Mis Sold Mortgage or Insurance Policy Continue

There are so many people who have been mis sold mortgage PPI in recent years then there is a fair chance that you are among them. With 20 million inappropriate or badly explained Payment Protection

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Common Questions about Payment Protection Claim Back

If you are thinking about sorting out a payment protection claim back then there are a few things you need to be aware of and a few doubts you are likely to have. We have brought together here a few of

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