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Why So Many Payment Protection Claims?

The issues surrounding Payment Protection claims have been with us for a while now, haven’t they? It seems like we have seen stories in the news about them for years. You may wonder why there are so many Payment Protection claims going through just now, and really the answer is that there are so many […]

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Were You One of the Millions Mis Sold PPI?

Of the estimated 20 million or so Payment Protection Insurance policies sold in the UK up until now it has been suggested that a staggering 9 out of every 10 were badly sold. This means that if you have one of these policies there is a very strong possibility that you were mis sold PPI. […]

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Stick to a Reputable Payment Protection Claim Back Firm

You may have seen some new stories recently about dishonest tactics being carried out by companies looking to recover Payment Protection claim back on your behalf. Carrying out this important financial transaction can result in you cutting back on your monthly expenses and getting a sizeable cash payment. However, it only makes sense to do […]

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People Claiming Back PPI Help Create New Insurance Sales Process

One of the big changes to come out of the number of cases of UK bank customers claiming back PPI is the fact that point of sale insurance can now no longer be sold to people taking out a loan or mortgage. The new law states that this can only be discussed 7 days after […]

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Have I Missed the Boat on Claiming for Mis-sold Payment Protection?

The debate around mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance seems to have been rumbling on forever. In fact, if you have been waiting to make your own claim for a mis sold policy then maybe you are worried that you have held off too long and that you have missed the boat. In this case the good […]

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Bank Customers Carry on Claiming for Mis Sold Insurance

There is still no end in sight to the long running story of UK bank customers claiming for mis sold insurance. The fact that the big UK banks have all set aside millions of pounds to cover these costs shows they believe that their customers are going to keep on claiming for mis sold insurance […]

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3 Common Types of Mis Sold Mortgage

There are many types of mis-sold mortgage around and many of the people who have them may not even be aware that they should be claiming for the bad advice they were given. Let’s have a look at a few of the most common situations. A New Landlord A few years back there was a […]

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What to Avoid with Payment Protection Insurance Claims

If you have been mis sold insurance in the past few years then looking at Payment Protection Insurance claims is a smart move. If you do this right then you will get back your money and everything will be sorted out without any hassle or delay. However, the Claims Management Regulator has recently warned customers to […]

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My Motivation For Running

Hi my name is Phil Roberts and I’m a proud employee of Gladstone Brookes. Once your claim has been upheld, it is my job to ensure you receive your refund as quickly as possible! I have a friend who’s girlfriend had Crohn’s. I had never heard of this and found it was as common as […]

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Weigh the PPI Insurance Issue against the Rest of Your Banking Experience

The initial reaction of many people caught up in the PPI insurance issue is of anger. This is perfectly normal when you consider that they have been mis sold something which they never needed or wanted. In cases such as this, a common thing to do is to consider closing your accounts and moving your […]

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You Can Reclaim PPI for Online Loans Too

There are many different situations in which you can reclaim PPI. Usually the bank official didn’t clearly explain the full terms or made some sort of statement which led you to believe that the insurance cover was obligatory. A more difficult situation is when you took out the loan on the internet. As the site will have […]

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Why Hasn’t Everyone Made Their PPI Insurance Claims Yet?

There are believed to be millions of UK citizens who have not yet made PPI insurance claims but who are eligible to do so. Until these people step forward it is impossible to guess why they have been so slow in making their PPI insurance claims but we can have a guess at a few […]

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Does a PPI Reclaim Cause Reputational Damage?

Once you get your Payment Protection Insurance sorted out, chances are that you will carry on with life as normal and not think about it much further. However, what will you do once you need another loan, mortgage or some sort of other financial product arranged? Will you trust the very same bank which mis sold […]

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Sort Out Your PPI Claim and Life Goes On

When we feel that we have been conned or misled the very worst thing that we can do is mope about and complain about it. With a PPI claim the best thing to do is claim the money back and get on with your life. Here are a few simple steps towards doing this. 4 […]

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Reclaiming PPI after a Claim

With so many people looking to recover money taken from them for mis sold insurance policies, one of the more unusual cases is that of someone reclaiming PPI after they have made a claim. The automatic assumption here is that it can’t be done. As you have made a claim on the insurance cover, then […]

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