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PPI Reclaim – Get Back the Money that is Rightfully Yours

It is not fair that the banks and lenders have been accepting money for ppi that was mis sold. Many people have struggled to make their payments, only to discover that when they needed it, the payment protection insurance was invalid. Although in many circumstances ppi can be of assistance, sometimes it was not sold […]

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PPI Claims and Lloyds TSB

One of the big UK banks most affected by the number of PPI claims which are going through just now is Lloyds TSB. It has been estimated that the bank used mis selling tactics to burden their customers with over one million of these insurance policies. Due to this they are expecting an avalanche of […]

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The Wolf Den is Open For Business!

Saturday saw the grand opening of the Wolf Den, in what will become the focus point of Gladstone Brookes’ charitable work with the Warrington Wolves Foundation. The room, which had been recently redecorated and furnished with the help of GB, was officially opened by Foundation Chairman Terry O’Neill, Wolves player Paul Wood, local illustrator and […]

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PPI Claims, the Basic Facts

If you have heard about ppi claims and want to find out more this blog post should be of great use to you. Here you will be able to learn about the reasons behind people wanting to claim compensation. Furthermore you can discover how to start making your own claim and the process that is […]

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PPI Claims and You

Many people in the UK have been successful in their ppi claims. Although the banks and lenders do not like giving back money, it is possible. All it takes is the right information, the experience of winning payment protection insurance claims and the facts. Representatives are able to stand up for you against the banks […]

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Credit Cards and Your PPI Claim

Credit cards are common place these days. Payment protection insurance policies are sold alongside the credit card agreements, and many of these policies were sold under false pretences. What is shocking is that the lenders often made credit card applicants feel that they had to purchase the policy, even though this is not the case. […]

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The PPI Claim Process

Making a ppi claim is not a hard thing to do. You can find that you are entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation simply from making the decision to make a claim. One phone call, or a few minutes filling in a simple claims form on the Internet and you are already one part […]

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What Can You Gain From Making a PPI Claim?

It is a sad state of affairs when people wrongly force something on you. This is what has happened to many people who live in the UK. Banks and lenders have been found to have wrongly sold ppi to many of their customers. This type of behaviour is not acceptable, therefore many citizens have decided […]

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Were You Wrongly Sold PPI?

PPI is the payment protection insurance that is often sold alongside mortgages, loans and credit cards. The idea of this insurance is to protect your payments if you are suddenly unable to afford them. This could be if you have fallen ill and are unable to work, or if you lose your job. It sounds […]

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