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Mis-sold PPI is one of the biggest scandals the credit market has ever seen. A large percentage of borrowers in the last few years could be entitled to claim back PPI that was sold mistakenly or even fraudulently to them.

Gladstone Brookes can provide expert services to help you claim back PPI. Our specialist advisors can guide you through the process and make this a stress free task.

Missold PPI

If you are unfamiliar with the credit market then it can be too easy for you to make mistakes. You may end up getting talked into taking out products you don’t really need such as payment protection insurance (PPI). If you have taken out a PPI product in the last few years then you need to review this carefully.

Many people have been conned into taking out PPI when they were either not eligible for the cover or did not really need it. Gladstone Brookes can provide you with the expert advice you need to claim back PPI that you may have been missold.

Claiming PPI

It is important to get expert help when you claim back PPI.

  • Banks and other lenders have been inundated with claims in the last few years.
  • This backlog has been difficult for them to deal with and has had a serious impact on their credibility as financial institutions.
  • Although lenders have been ordered to clear outstanding claims they will not want to just hand out money straight away. It is likely that at first they may try and put you off.
  • They may insist that you agreed to the PPI when you signed the forms and so have no right to now claim back you money.
  • This can be inaccurate and you need to provide strong evidence of your right to claim back money on missold policies.
  • Get as much advice and support as you when you claim back PPI.

Expert help from Gladstone Brookes can assist you make a claim quickly and easily. We will be able to provide advice on building a case and submitting a claim. This will help to reduce delays and make sure your case has a successful outcome.

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