PPI Cold Calling

Following recent stories pertaining to the ways in which Claims Management Companies (CMCs) contact their customers, and the potential fraud which surrounds this, we have decided to issue a statement on the matter and establish exactly where Gladstone Brookes stand.

A woman from Gloucester has recently been tricked into paying “thousands of pounds” to pay her fees with a PPI claims company. Only later did she find out that the company who rang her was not the same company – it was, in fact, another company who had intercepted her details. You can read more on this unfortunate story on the This is Gloucester website.

What is “cold calling”?

Cold calling is a form of telephone marketing whereby companies will contact potential clients from a database, which is usually obtained by a 3rd party. In this case, it means PPI claims companies could be contacting random members of the public who have never expressed an interest in their services to begin with. At Gladstone Brookes, we only ever contact clients who have asked us to do so – by phone, e-mail or text message. We have never, and will never, cold call.

How do I know Gladstone Brookes are calling me?

We never withhold our number and we always confirm who we are whenever we call.

I’ve had a suspicious call – what should I do?

If you are contacted by anyone who claims to be from Gladstone Brookes, and you are suspicious about the number they are dialling from, make sure to keep a note of the number and call us right away so we can investigate. We will never pass your details onto a 3rd party without your permission.