SUCCESS STORY – ‘So professional, pleasant and friendly’

success story

Martin Edwards had been with Lloyds Bank for 40 years, starting his account when he was a boy soldier of 15, and had lots of different loans and other agreements with them, but had no idea whether or not PPI was attached to any of them.

“Then I got a phone call from my sister who told me she had got £60 back after making a claim so I decided it was about time I found out if I was owed anything too,” he said.


He searched the internet, searching for someone to help him make a claim and decided on Gladstone Brookes.

“I like the look of the site right away as it gave me the information I needed in a clear and easy to understand format so I called and was guided through the process to make my claims.  I must say I have never dealt with a better company – so professional, pleasant and friendly.’


After chatting to an advisor, Martin made claims on a series of loans with Lloyds and a Halifax mortgage.

Following an investigation both companies agreed the PPI had been mis-sold on all the accounts and Martin received a total of £20,714.39± in compensation.

“I had no idea I was owed so much money,” said a delighted Martin. “The annoying thing is that it was with a bank where I had been a customer for 40 years, ever since I opened my first ever bank account.”