success story

Alan Jones had taken out quite a few loans and credit cards in the past, but he had no idea whether or not he had PPI attached to any of them and so had never made a claim.

“Then my partner made a claim through Gladstone Brookes on some of the agreements she had had in the past and got back over £1,500. I thought to myself ‘if she can get a result like that maybe I should have a go’ so I rang up and spoke to an advisor,” said Alan.

Initial call

From that initial call the advisor established Alan did in fact have PPI attached to a few things – nine loans with Natwest as well as a credit card, another credit card with MBNA and a Debenhams store card.

Following investigations, all three companies agreed Alan had been mis-sold the PPI and paid him total compensation of £4,806.65±.

No paperwork

He said: “When we started I had no idea how many agreements there were and had no paperwork for any of them. But Gladstone Brookes managed to sort it all out for me.

“Their service was excellent.  I couldn’t fault it.”