SUCCESS STORY – New PPI claims proved M&S wrong

SUCCESS STORY – New PPI claims proved M&S wrong

Janice Smith knew she had PPI on three loans that she had with Marks & Spencer and made a claim for mis-selling direct to them.

“I got a very terse reply telling me that though I had it I had asked for it and so I had no claim,” said Janice.


But she was convinced she had been mis-sold. She said: “I was really disillusioned with the whole thing and was ready to give up.

Then I was talking to a friend who had been through the process and got some money back and she convinced me to carry on.

“Around about this time I saw an advert for a Gladstone Brookes Free PPI Check** online and decided I was going to give it another go.”

Formal complaint

The PPI check confirmed that Janice did have PPI on her Marks & Spencer loans so she decided to make a formal complaint and the firm admitted that all three policies had been mis-sold, paying out a total of £3,545.59±.

“I was gob-smacked,” said Janice. “I hadn’t expected to get anything back after the first rejection. I’m not usually lost for words, but I was then.”

Even better news

However, there was even better news to come. The free PPI Check** had identified two loans with Halifax which had the insurance attached.

After a formal complaint to them they too admitted the PPI had been mis-sold and offered Janice £8,610.60±, bringing her total compensation to £11,737.54±

Said Janice: “The service I have had from Gladstone Brookes has been brilliant and I want to thank the whole team who helped me because they took all the stress away. I would recommend them to anyone.

““My son gets married next year and this has been a big help.””

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