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SUCCESS STORY: “I was out of work with a huge mortgage ……”

Huge mortgageIfilia Francois had no idea which way to turn next.   Nearing 60 years old she found herself out of work with a huge mortgage to pay and other debts besides.

“I was at my wit’s end,” she says. “I was worried I was going to lose my house and my former husband had also left me in a lot of debt when he left.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I had no paperwork, but GB won the day for me anyway!

elderly couple

Ex-serviceman David Fields knew deep down that he had been mis-sold PPI, but never made a claim because he didn’t have the paperwork to prove it.

Said David: “When we moved home the last time, we had a massive clear-out and all the paperwork was destroyed at that time.  I had a strong feeling that we had been mis-sold PPI in the past, but had no way of proving it.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY: I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this on my own

Success story: Lily LloydPensioner Lily Lloyd thought she might have PPI on a loan she got from Abbey National to pay for some home improvements, but she wasn’t sure and that put her off making a claim.

“Then a friend of mine recommended Gladstone Brookes because they’d been successful for her so I thought I’d give it a go and I’m ever so glad I did,” said Lily.Read More

Half term play activities with GB and the Wolves Foundation

twin-logosAnyone with young children knows just how difficult it is to keep them occupied during the school holidays.

So the play schemes offered by the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation are a godsend to parents at their wit’s end trying to think of new ways to entertain their offspring.

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CHARITY OF THE MONTH – Nic’s November Challenge

Nicola with her chequeGladstone Brookes staff donate £918

This month’s Gladstone Brookes charity donation is in support of a courageous young woman whose grit and determination combined with cutting edge medical treatment to fight off the blood cancer which threatened to kill her at just 26.

Nicola Dawn was a trainee solicitor working in Warrington when she went to the doctor with a nasty cough.  The concerned doctor referred her to Warrington Hospital where Nicola was given the devastating news that the cough was a symptom of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a form of blood cancer – and it was very advanced.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service was excellent


I had a letter from the bank telling me that I might have PPI on some of the agreements I had with them, but I put it in a cupboard and forgot about it.

Then I started to hear people talking about PPI and I didn’t know what it was so I had to ask my daughter.  When she explained it to me I remembered the letter and got it out, but realised I wouldn’t have had any idea how to go about making a claim properly myself. Read More

A scorcher of a Disability Awareness Paralympics

Gladstone Brookes team

Great Britain international wheelchair athlete Adrian Derbyshire (front, centre) was guest of honour at the games and he is joined by some of the Gladstone Brookes volunteers on the day: Callum Hewitt, Claire Nixdorf, Paul Speakman, Julie Owen, Neill Briggs, Gemma Pye, Jeni Davies, Tom Holmes, Jack Day, Mark Ball, Gary Watmough, Leon Moye, Stu Farley, Courtney Riding and Cheryl Morris-Yorke

It was a real scorcher of a day for the Disability Awareness Paralympics at Victoria Park with the sun blazing down on the games which were the climax of months of special events in which staff from Gladstone Brookes and the Warrington Wolves Foundation brought disability awareness to schools throughout the Warrington area.

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Best day so far!

GB TEam - best day ever

The GB Team (left to right) Jordan Campbell, Aaron Chadburn, Kathryn Bennett, Amy Atherton and Jon Quirke

The GB staff taking part were unanimous – the Disability Awareness Day at Green Lane Community Special School was the best day so far in our year-long project with the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation to raise awareness of a range of disabilities and the effect they have on people’s daily lives.

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Disability Awareness at Meadowside

Disability Awareness at Meadowside

The GB staff with Jason Elkaleh from the Foundation (back row right) pictured with the Year 6 pupils from Meadowside

Six Gladstone Brookes staff turned teacher for the day when they delivered the lessons in our latest Disability Awareness Day for Warrington schoolchildren.

The Disability Awareness Project is run jointly by GB staff and the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation.  Its aim is to raise awareness of a range of disabilities and the effect they have on people’s daily lives.Read More

Prime Minister briefed on GB’s involvement in Stamping Out Hate Crime campaign

Prime Minister briefed

Prime Minister David Cameron receives a tour jersey from Adrian

Prime Minister David Cameron has been briefed about Gladstone Brookes’ support for the Stamping Out Hate Crime campaign when he met Great Britain international wheelchair athlete Adrian Derbyshire during a reception at 10 Downing Street.

Adrian also got the chance to chat to Mr Cameron about other topics related to the campaign like Going The Extra Mile to encourage children to be positive role models and promoting health and well-being through sports.Read More