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Bank branches closing at a rate of 60 a month

Bank branches closing at a rate of 60 a month

Bank and building society branches are disappearing from our high streets at a rate of 60 a month, according to a new report by Which? Money.

Its research has shown that 2,868 branches have closed their doors since 2015 or will do by the end of the year. The rate of closures is also accelerating.

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Luke joins the Set Of Six challenge

by Mike Birkett, 10/07/2018

Luke joins the Set Of Six challenge

Just before tackling the last leg of the challenge at the Halliwell Jones Stadium (from left to right):
Luke, Wil Maudsley, Shaun Briscoe, Craig Thomason and Peter Hanlon

If you’re looking for some light exercise to try and get yourself a little fitter, following Luke Buckley-Mellor is probably not the way to go because he likes his challenges a little…extreme.

How extreme?

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CHARITY OF THE MONTH – The Peace Foundation

Charity of the month

Tony Woolrich (centre) hands over the cheque to Pam Heyburn (left), who made the nomination, and Wendy Parry (right) co-founder of the charity

Charity of the month for March is the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation – an organisation created in memory of the two Warrington boys who were killed by an IRA bomb left in a rubbish bin in Bridge Street, Warrington, 25 year ago.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – “I thought the fees were reasonable for the amount of work done”


With a two-year-old son and another child on the way, conveyancing lawyer Stephen Thomas just didn’t have the time to make his own PPI claim and came to Gladstone Brookes to help him out.

“I know I could have done it myself, but I just couldn’t find the time and I thought the fees were reasonable for the amount of work done.”

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SUCCESS STORY – Halifax originally rejected the claim


James and Suzanna Moss suspected they might have PPI attached to the credit card they had from Halifax and called in at their local branch to see if they could make a claim for possible mis-selling.

“But they told us we didn’t have any PPI – definitely,” said James.

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SUCCESS STORY – “I can’t thank you enough”


Damian Shaw had seen the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV many time but never did anything about making his own PPI claim until in 2016 a friend suggested he make the call.

He was unsure how much PPI he may have had attached to agreements in the past and was surprised when his enquiry uncovered it was attached to four loans from Halifax. Following an investigation, the lender agreed he had been mis-sold the policies and paid him £5,334 in compensation.

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SUCCESS STORY – They added the PPI without my knowledge


As a former financial advisor Roger Weaver was almost certain he didn’t have PPI on any of his personal finance agreements.

He said: “I didn’t believe in it and never sold it to my clients so I was highly unlikely to take it on myself. I actually checked with Barclaycard myself and they said I didn’t have any.”

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SUCCESS STORY – A new record PPI payout for a single client

Record PPI Payout for Gladstone Brookes LTD!

by Mike Birkett, 08/06/2018

Our client with the biggest ever payout had heard all about PPI and the possibility of compensation available if the policies had been mis-sold, but he never did anything about it.

“If I’m honest about it there was a mixture of laziness and a lack of knowledge about how to go about it,” he said.

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cheque presentation

Robin Lingham (left)Sarah Cross and Leland Crenshaw hand over our £400 donation to Pudsey (Kayleigh Slater)

Our charity of the month for November is Children In Need – an annual favourite – and Kayleigh Slater was on hand to accept our donation of £400 on behalf of Pudsey.

Last year the charity raised an amazing £46.6 million for projects all over the UK which included a special donation for Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation of which Gladstone Brookes is one of the patrons.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service has been excellent


Alan Jones had taken out quite a few loans and credit cards in the past, but he had no idea whether or not he had PPI attached to any of them and so had never made a claim.

“Then my partner made a claim through Gladstone Brookes on some of the agreements she had had in the past and got back over £1,500. I thought to myself ‘if she can get a result like that maybe I should have a go’ so I rang up and spoke to an advisor,” said Alan.

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