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SUCCESS STORY – Absolutely delighted with the service

Over the moon

Like many others, Kevin and Maureen Devenish had been hearing about mis-sold PPI for years, but they never did anything about it because they didn’t think it applied to them.

Then their son made a claim through Gladstone Brookes and was paid compensation.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Almost unbelievable £22,696.84±


Engineer Alexander Walsh had thought about claiming for mis-sold PPI for quite a while, but never got around to doing anything about it.

He said: “I had put off applying for PPI for many years whilst family and friends around me had received compensation, albeit a couple of hundred pounds at most.  But then I contacted GB and the whole process was clear, straight forward and easy. Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I’m back on my feet – it’s taken the pressure off


Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I would never have got anything back


Seeing the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV was what finally spurred former operations manager John Mackenzie into checking out his PPI.

“I wasn’t absolutely sure whether I had it or not and didn’t know where to start in making a claim,” he said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Over £24,800± on PPI I knew nothing about!

success story

Patrick first contacted Gladstone Brookes about possible mis-sold PPI in May 2012.

He thought he may have had it on a series of loans, his mortgage with Cheltenham and Gloucester and an MBNA credit card.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I’d been thinking about making a claim for a while

success story

As with many people, Fred Dawson had thought about claiming for PPI, but just hadn’t got around to it.

“I had a feeling I might have something on agreements I signed in the past, so I’d been thinking about making a claim for a while.  I was even cold-called by one company, but I don’t like that sort of thing so I didn’t take them on.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Double success for Dave and Doreen

His and hers successful claims

When Doreen Cumming saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV she started to wonder whether or not she had ever taken out PPI.

“But I honestly couldn’t remember whether I had or not so I did nothing about it for months, but one day I decided it was worth giving a try and made the phone call.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself

Recommended by a friend

When secretary Linda Mitchell was chatting to one of her friends about claiming back PPI she admitted she didn’t understand half the question on the form – so her friend recommended she contact Gladstone Brookes for help.

“I didn’t have a lot of information and I didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself,” she said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service was exceptional

The service was exceptional

Former director Mark Anderson was not sure whether or not he had PPI attached to a string of loans he had taken out over the years with First Direct and First Plus, but after seeing the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV he decided he would check it out once and for all.

“It was no win no fee so I decided it was worth having ago and called up to make the claim.  I know I could have done it myself, but I wouldn’t have known where to start,” he said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Shocked and stunned at how much we got back

Shocked and stunned

Michael and Sue Adcock always suspected they might have had PPI attached to loans they had taken out in the past, but weren’t sure.

Then they saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV and decided to ask for help in making their claims.Read More