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CHOSEN CHARITY – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

CHOSEN CHARITY – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Emma Shaw didn’t need to think twice about who she would nominate as one of our chosen charities because Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham saved her mum’s life.

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Buying a house

There can be few bigger milestones in a person’s life than buying their own home.

In this day and age it is getting more difficult than ever with the lack of affordable housing nationwide and the difficulty in raising enough cash for a large enough deposit to get a mortgage.Read More

Money Memories Round 5 – The Public’s Top 5

Our Money Memories competition attracted more than 1,500 entries  from clients who told us how they had spent the PPI compensation they had received after making a claim through Gladstone Brookes.

Special memories can be made after receiving many thousands of pounds – like a Lotto win – but it doesn’t need to be a huge amount of money to make a big difference in someone’s life.

Our overall £500 winner was Jeremy Newell and his story can be seen here, but the general public visiting our website also voted for their Top 5 who each receive £100.  You can take a look at their stories below.

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Money Memories 5 – THE WINNER

Jeremy Newell has been paraplegic from birth and the severity of his disability has meant he hasn’t been able to have a holiday for 25 years – until now.

After making claims against three credit cards – two from Lloyds and one from Morgan Stanley – Jeremy ended up with £2,357.88 in compensation which helped him to fly away for a week in the sun on Gran Canaria.

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IVF miracle babies

There is probably no bigger milestone in life than the birth of your child – particularly if you have had difficulty in conceiving and want one so much.

As a company we are proud to say we were able to help to make that dream come true for two mums who used the compensation we were able to win for mis-sold PPI to undergo successful fertility treatment.Read More


Setting up a business

Given the chance which of us would not sooner be working for ourselves than someone else?

Becoming your own boss is another of those milestones in life which Gladstone Brookes has been able to help with for a wide range of people.Read More


Money Memories Weddings

At Gladstone Brookes we are proud to say we have recovered more than £800 million in mis-sold PPI for our clients, consistently recovering life-changing sums of money for our many happy clients.

But some payouts stand out from the rest – not because of the amount of money involved rather the effect it has on the client’s life, helping them to achieve one of those special milestones we all strive so hard for.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Money Memories winner Theresa Chapman

SUCCESS STORY - Money Memories winner Theresa Chapman

A spur of the moment decision by Theresa Chapman to finally find out if she had ever been mis-sold PPI turned into a life-changing experience.

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SUCCESS STORY – Caring for Charlie (Money Memories Round 2 winner)

SUCCESS STORY – Caring for Charlie (Money Memories winner)

The compensation Mary Smith got back from her successful PPI claims against Britannia Building Society and Sainsburys could not have come at a better time because it helped her look after her husband, Charlie, who is disabled after a major stroke.

Mary is now Charlie’s full time carer and said some of the money was used make the couple’s bungalow safe for her husband.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Amber gets the wedding of her dreams (Money Memories Round 1 winner)

kissing gate

Amber Arnold and Toby Miller had been together for eight years and were working hard towards getting their dream wedding.

Everything seemed to be going well.  Amber got a promotion in her job and they finally got their first house.  Toby was approaching his final qualification to become a civil engineer and everything seemed set fair.Read More