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FCA considering imposing PPI deadline

FCA considering imposing PPI deadline

Directors of Britain’s financial regulator are meeting to decide whether or not to set a deadline for future PPI claims.

It is understood the possible time bar will be discussed at a scheduled board meeting of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).Read More

UK house prices hit record high

UK house prices hit record high

UK average house prices have hit an all time record with the biggest monthly increase since September 2002.

Prices in England and Wales averaged £294,834 for August – a rise of £2,550 in a single month – maintaining the overall increase of 6.4% year on year.Read More

Battle for Northern Rock heating up

Battle for Northern Rock heating up

More and more players are entering the race to buy a slice of the £12 billion Northern Rock loan sale.

The number of interested bidders now ranges from international banks like Goldman Sachs and Sabadell to a group of British challenger banks, including OneSavings Bank.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – John nets £6,660.34± second time around


Butcher John Duggan first came to Gladstone Brookes in 2012 with a number of claims against Lloyds Bank and ended up with £3,661.24± in compensation.

He was pleased to get the money back for mis-sold PPI on a number of loans and thought that was the end of it – but it wasn’t.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – If rejected make sure you appeal to FOS

Make sure you go to FOS

When retired psychiatric nurse Roger Enskat first came to Gladstone Brookes in June of 2014 he had two claims for mis-sold PPI on credit cards from Mint and the Co-operative Bank.

The Mint claim was settled with a payment of £3,049.61± in less than 8 weeks, but the Co-op rejected the claim against them, saying they did not believe the PPI had been mis-sold.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The money was a life-saver

The money was a life-saver

When Karen Whitelaw first contacted Gladstone Brookes in 2012 she had just lost her clerical job with the NHS and money had suddenly become very tight.

“I saw the advert on TV and even though I wasn’t sure whether or not I had PPI I decided to ask them if they could find out,” she said.Read More

Interest rates may change soon – but down, not up

Interest rates may change soon – but down, not up

A change in interest rates from the Bank Of England has been predicted soon.

Nothing new in that you might think, but the suggestion is they might have to go down before they can go up!Read More

Minister announces 1 million new homes target

Minister announces 1 million new homes target

Housing minister Brandon Lewis has announced a target of 1 million new homes by 2020.

The announcement came after the National Housing Federation produced figures showing only half the estimated number of homes needed had been built between 2011 and 2014.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – GB delivers £22,952± for postman


Postman Simon Bahari knew he had PPI on one of his Barclays loans because they had written to him and told him so, but he wasn’t sure if it was attached to any of his other agreements.

Then he saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV and decided he had nothing to lose with the offer of a no win no fee service.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Very efficient and very professional


Teacher Philip Kinmont knew he was paying something on his credit card but wasn’t too sure what it was.

So after seeing the Gladstone Brookes TV advert on the TV he decided to check it out.Read More