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Building on success

Building on Success

by Mike Birkett, 19/06/2018 The new collaboration between Gladstone Brookes, the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation and St Gregory’s High School is going from strength to strength with members of Gladstone Brookes’ staff queuing up to get involved. The partnership with St Gregory’s has been a departure from the normal type of event run jointly by […]

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GB racers support local charities

by Mike Birkett, 19/06/2018

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FCA to investigate banks’ handling of PPI claims

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to investigate the handling of PPI claims by Britain’s banks with a view to possible intervention in the process. There have been more than 14 million complaints about the mis-selling of PPI since January 2011 and the banks have already paid out £17.3 billion to successful claimants.  They have […]

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UK banks ‘fundamentally corrupt’

The UK’s banks have been slammed as ‘fundamentally corrupt’ by a Liberal Democrat peer after details emerged of another insurance mis-selling scandal. Lord Thurso, a former member of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, said: “This is yet another mis-selling scandal which underlines the conclusions we came to in the banking commission that the sales […]

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An instant hit – GB at St Gregory’s

Our new sporting partnership with Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation and St Gregory’s RC High School at Westbrook has been voted an instant hit after just one session. Launching the fourth year of our collaboration with the Foundation, we have teamed up to provide special sporting sessions for the school until the end of the summer […]

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CHARITY OF THE MONTH – Mollie’s Memories

Mollie’s Memories was nominated as the first GB charity of the month for 2015 by Kayleigh Logsdon in support of her friend Mollie Beechall who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The charity was set up to help 19-year-old Mollie to build as many memories as possible with her 18-month-old daughter, Lola-Sue, before she was […]

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RBS admits new mis-selling scandal

Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) has admitted a new mis-selling scandal – this time loans sold to small businesses under a Government incentive scheme. The scheme was set up in 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, to help firms who would otherwise have found it difficult to obtain credit.

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UK banks face £billions more in penalties

UK banks are facing £ billions more in penalties according to top analysts. Experts at JP Morgan are predicting that the top four banks – Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) – will need £15.1 billion to cover expected fines for foreign exchange manipulation, mis-sold securities on US mortgages and PPI over […]

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Clydesdale boss quits after PPI claims provision hike

The boss of Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank has stepped down after the bank had to increase its PPI claims provision by almost six times following intervention by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has emerged that the bank’s parent company, National Australia Bank (NAB) has hired a firm of City headhunters to find a replacement for David […]

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Bank of England aware of a possible crash but did nothing

A shock report has revealed the Bank Of England were aware of problems with liquidity of banks just before the financial crash in 2007, but did nothing. Astonishingly, the bank’s governing body – known as the Court – discussed the issue in a top secret meeting just a month before the storm broke and identified […]

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