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At Gladstone Brookes we are proud to say we have recovered more than £800 million in mis-sold PPI for our clients, consistently recovering life-changing sums of money for our many happy clients.

But some payouts stand out from the rest – not because of the amount of money involved rather the effect it has on the client’s life, helping them to achieve one of those special milestones we all strive so hard for.Read More

Don’t get caught by an early PPI deadline

Don’t get caught by an early PPI deadline

Are you one of the millions of people whose PPI deadline is due to run out before the official date of August 29th 2019?

If so, you could have just weeks to make your claim instead of two years, but you may have already been unlucky and your personal deadline is past.Read More

Not worth the effort?

Not worth the effort?

People have lots of reasons for not making a PPI claim so far and at Gladstone Brookes we hear them all.

Some have been too busy to make a claim and others – like 19% of those surveyed by Which? recently – think that the potential amount of compensation is not worth the effort.

The same survey showed 28% haven’t claimed because they believed it is ‘too much hassle’ and 42% no longer have the paperwork for their agreements.

Not sure how to go about it

There are other reasons too like our client Freda Thompson who had been thinking about possibly making a claim for mis-sold PPI for a while, but hadn’t done anything about it because she wasn’t really sure how to go about it.

“But when I saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV they looked like just the people to help me,” she said.

She was right.  Listen to the call telling her she was going to receive £38,883± in compensation.

Too busy

The pace of modern life is hectic and lots of people tell us they have been too busy to make a claim, like businessman Chris North. But after selling his property and lettings agency to retire he decided to give us a call.

He said: “I know I could have done the claims myself, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  I also thought it more likely the bank would try to muck me about if I did it on my own and there was more chance Gladstone Brookes would know the type of obstacles likely to be placed in my way, so I gave them a call and asked them to look at all of the claims I thought I might have.

Mr North had used four credit cards in his business life – Marbles, Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS), Bank Of Scotland and MBNA – and through a series of claims we were able to recover the amazing sum of £130,153.43± in mis-sold PPI premiums and interest.

No paperwork

Lynn Pinkney knew she had taken out a number of loans with Barclays Bank over the years, but couldn’t be sure whether or not PPI had been attached to any of them.

“They were all so long ago I didn’t have any of the documents or anything, but when I saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV I decided I would check,” she said.

The subsequent investigation found out that not only was PPI attached to her Barclaycard but had also been added to nine Barclays loans she had taken out over a period of years.  The total compensation paid on all 10 of her claims was £9,199.80.

Too much hassle

Sandra Worsley said: ““I hear so many people saying they can’t be bothered to do anything about it.  I’m glad I was bothered because I’m now £26,300± better off!”

Sandra was successful in a series of claims against Halifax and Bank Of Scotland.

I knew I didn’t have any PPI

One of the most common ways PPI was mis-sold was simply added to finance agreements without this being explained to the customer.

Estate agent Barry Lewis was sure he had never knowlingly taken out any PPI and that’s why he had never made a claim for it being mis-sold.

But Barry was wrong because we found that both Natwest and Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) had mis-sold the insurance to him on a series of loans and Barry ended up with £5,036.35± compensation.

He said: “I have always been careful with financial matters and to my recollection I had never taken out insurance on any agreement, so I was very dubious about getting anything back at all.

Don’t get caught out by the PPI claims deadline

If you think you may have been mis-sold at any time in the past and might want to make a claim take Arnie’s advice from the advert and “Do it now!”

Remember, the PPI deadline is 29th August 2019 – any claims submitted after this will not be investigated.

The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking

An animatronic Arnie Schwarzenegger is the star of the campaign

The PPI deadline clock is now officially ticking with the unveiling of the first advert in the £42 million consumer awareness campaign starring the voice of Terminator Arnie Schwarzenegger.

The campaign is important news for the millions of people still eligible to make a claim for the mis-selling of PPI who have still not done so.Read More

Starting gun about to fire for PPI claims rush

Starting gun about to fire for PPI claims rush

As latest figures reveal Britain’s banks have paid out another £260 million for mis-sold PPI and the UK’s top banks add more than £1.6 billion to their payment pot in just one week, the starting gun is about to be fired on the rush to make a claim before the deadline in August 2019.

This month the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will pull the trigger on a £42 million consumer awareness advertising campaign designed to ensure anyone who believes they may have a valid claim makes it before the deadline runs out on August 29th 2019.Read More

Don’t give up in the face of rejection

Don’t give up in the face of rejection

Britain’s banks have paid out billions of pounds in compensation for successful PPI claims over the past seven years, but not all claims are successful and the banks have also rejected millions of claims in that time.

It’s impossible to say how many have been rejected over the years, but once a rejection is received it’s important to understand that all is not lost.Read More

FCA sees record number of complaints

FCA sees record number of complaints

Britain’s financial watchdog has reported a record 3.04 million complaints in the second half of 2016.

Claims for mis-sold PPI were still the largest group, accounting for 29% of the overall total.Read More

Lloyds confirms £350 million extra for PPI

Lloyds confirms £350 million extra for PPI

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has confirmed it has added another £350 million to its PPI compensation pot when it announced its 2017 first quarter performance figures.

In its review of its financial performance, the bank says the increase was ordered after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) pushed back the PPI deadline date to August 29th 2019.Read More

Another £32 million for Santander PPI

Another £32 million for Santander PPI

Santander has become the first of Britain’s high street banks to announce its first quarter financial results and has included an additional £32 million set aside for PPI claims.

The Spanish owned bank reported a 14% increase in profits over the same period last year at €1.87 billion (£1.59 billion).Read More

Those PPI payouts just keep on rolling

Those PPI payouts just keep on rolling

Six years after official figures began to be kept, mis-sold PPI payouts continue to run at an average of more than £1/4 billion a month.

The latest figures issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveal that the 23 firms who make up 95% of the PPI complaints in the UK have paid out a total of £26.5 billion in compensation to consumers who were mis-sold PPI since January 2011.Read More