PPI monthly payout continues to grow

Mongthy PPI payouts continue to grow

The rate of payouts for successful PPI claims is continuing to rise following the announcement of a final deadline in 2019.

Official figures from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveal that Britain’s lenders paid out £298.8 million in September – the latest month that figures are available for – bringing the overall figure paid out since January 2011 to £28.5 billion.Read More


Buying a house

There can be few bigger milestones in a person’s life than buying their own home.

In this day and age it is getting more difficult than ever with the lack of affordable housing nationwide and the difficulty in raising enough cash for a large enough deposit to get a mortgage.Read More

Level of PPI payouts jumps by £21 million in a month

Level of PPI payouts jumps by £21 million in a month

The level of PPI payouts has jumped by £21 million in a single month according to official figures just released.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed the total payout for August was £271.5 million – the highest monthly payout in more than a year.Read More

CYBG adds £403 million for PPI as claims soar

CYBG adds £403 million for PPI as claims soar

CYBG – the former Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks – have added another £403 million to their PPI provision as the number of new PPI claims soared across the financial sector.

The announcement was made by National Australia Bank (NAB) – CYBG’s former owner.  Under an agreement signed when the two split in February last year, NAB will pay 90% of the increase, leaving CYBG to fund £39 million.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – My sister talked me into doing it

success story

Gina Santilli has more than 13,000 good reasons to thank her sister for an early Christmas present because she was the one who persuaded her to make a claim for mis-sold PPI.

Said Gina: “I’d seen the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV loads of times and had never made a claim because I couldn’t remember who I had taken out agreements with as they were all so long ago.Read More

Money Memories 5 – THE WINNER

holiday of a lifetime

Jeremy had the holiday of a lifetime

Jeremy Newell has been paraplegic from birth and the severity of his disability has meant he hasn’t been able to have a holiday for 25 years – until now.

After making claims against three credit cards – two from Lloyds and one from Morgan Stanley – Jeremy ended up with £2,357.88 in compensation which helped him to fly away for a week in the sun on Gran Canaria.


“It was brilliant,” said Jeremy.  “I’ve never been able to get away on holiday because I have to have two carers to look after me, but this payout helped me to take them both for a week-long holiday of a lifetime in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

“It was a beautiful resort which had been recommended because it is nice and flat and suited my wheelchair.  I thought I would never have a holiday again because there’s no way I could have afforded to do it.”
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IVF miracle babies

There is probably no bigger milestone in life than the birth of your child – particularly if you have had difficulty in conceiving and want one so much.

As a company we are proud to say we were able to help to make that dream come true for two mums who used the compensation we were able to win for mis-sold PPI to undergo successful fertility treatment.Read More


Setting up a business

Given the chance which of us would not sooner be working for ourselves than someone else?

Becoming your own boss is another of those milestones in life which Gladstone Brookes has been able to help with for a wide range of people.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – You did a fantastic job!

You did a fantastic job!

Management advisor Ian Daves suspected he might have PPI on his MBNA credit card, but hadn’t kept any paperwork he could check.

He said: “I couldn’t be sure I’d signed up for it, but like thousands of other people at that time I just signed on the dotted line because I wanted the card.Read More


Money Memories Weddings

At Gladstone Brookes we are proud to say we have recovered more than £800 million in mis-sold PPI for our clients, consistently recovering life-changing sums of money for our many happy clients.

But some payouts stand out from the rest – not because of the amount of money involved rather the effect it has on the client’s life, helping them to achieve one of those special milestones we all strive so hard for.Read More