Co-op Bank losses rise to £204 million

Co-op Bank losses rise to £204 million

The Co-operative Bank has almost tripled its losses for the first half of the year – from £77 million in 2014 to £204 million this year – and says it could be another two years before it is back in the black.

The bank has been under siege since nearly going under two years ago when it had to be rescued by a consortium of investors after a £1.5 million ‘black hole’ was discovered in its balance sheet.Read More

Virgin Money chief wants PPI deadline

Virgin Money chief wants PPI deadline

Virgin Money boss, Jayne-Anne Gadhia says the next chief executive of UK’s financial regulator should introduce a deadline on future PPI claims and let the banking sector go back to growing.

Martin Wheatley was recently ousted as chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by Chancellor George Osborne.  Now Ms Gadhia wants to bring an end to the multi-million £ fines and multi-billion compensation costs for mis-sold PPI.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service was very professional

SUCCESS STORY – The service was very professional

Security officer Stephen Lester nearly didn’t make his claim for mis-sold PPI, but he’s glad he came to Gladstone Brookes to get it sorted out.

Said Stephen: “Last April a good friend told me he’d got some money back, so I decided I was going to do something about it.  I wrote to the bank to get the ball rolling.  I couldn’t believe the amount of paperwork they sent back.  They must have destroyed a rain forest!”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – It’s a life-changing sum of money!

SUCCESS STORY – It’s a life-changing sum of money!

Derek Graham first sought Gladstone Brookes’ help in claiming back mis-sold PPI in 2011 and had two successful claims against credit cards with £2,381 recovered from Lloyds and £1,168.33 from Citifinancial.

“I decided to make a claim when I saw the advert on the TV because, like many people, I’d taken out a number of loans when I was younger and even though I told them I didn’t want the PPI they told me I had to have it or the loan would not be approved.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Good turn by neighbour leads to £10,000 PPI payout

£10,000 PPI payout

Former warehouse operative William Cundall remembers getting a letter from Lloyds Bank telling him he had PPI attached to some loans he had taken out with them but was bamboozled by the number of forms he received.

Said William: “The letter suggested that I could make a claim for mis-sold PPI direct with them, but there was so much paperwork I couldn’t handle it and ended up putting it in a drawer.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – £18,999 I was completely shocked!

I was completely shocked!

Secretary Elizabeth Joyce knew she had some sort of insurance on two agreements she had with Marks & Spencer, but she wasn’t sure whether or not it was PPI.

“It was also from such a long time ago I wasn’t sure if I could make a claim or not,” she said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – You kept fighting for me

You kept fighting for me

Guest house owner Christine Davidson thought it was bad news when Bank Of Scotland rejected her claim for mis-sold PPI on her credit card.

“I thought it was all over,” she said. “But when I spoke to Gladstone Brookes about it they said they disagreed with the rejection and thought it was one which should be appealed.”Read More

HSBC to cut thousands of jobs

HSBC to cut thousands of jobs

HSBC – Europe’s biggest bank – is expected to announce its decision cut up to 20,000 jobs by the end of 2017 at a special investor meeting next week.

The shareholders may also get an update on the bank’s plans for possibly moving its headquarters out of the City Of London and back to Hong Kong.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service has been absolutely great

Absolutely great

Former customer service advisor Val Higgins has already recommended Gladstone Brookes services to her friends because she was so pleased with the way her PPI cases have been handled.

“The service has been absolutely great – very thorough and very professional. All of the staff I have dealt with have been first class.  Nothing seemed too much trouble for them and they didn’t mind answering all my questions.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Can you just say that again?

Can you just say that again?

Single mum Sarah couldn’t believe her ears when a phone call with Gladstone Brookes revealed she had been awarded over £14,600 in compensation for mis-sold PPI from Lloyds and Halifax.

Sarah had called the office to check on progress of the claims and was stunned when she heard how much she would receive.Read More