Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This handy guide will answer all the PPI queries you have.

Do you have a question about PPI claims? If so, then you are like many of our clients who have questions about Gladstone Brookes, the claims process, the industry, their individual circumstances regarding making a claim or the recent Judicial Review.

Below are a selection of our most frequently asked questions; just click the links to show the relevant answer. If this FAQ doesn't provide the answer you are looking for then please don't hesitate to Contact Us - our friendly advisors are on hand to help you.

What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?

PPI (or Payment Protection Insurance) is usually sold alongside loans, mortgages, credit cards or any other financial agreements as a form of cover in cases of accident, sickness and unemployment where you can no longer afford to repay your lender. Learn more by visiting our Payment Protection Insurance page.

How do I know if I have PPI?

Your bank or loan statements should itemise 'PPI' as a separate charge and so this is the quickest way to establish whether you have the policy or not, although this may not apply to cases such as single premium PPI. If you are unsure, or cannot locate or understand your statement, then ring one of our advisors on 08000 149 014 to help you out.

How can I claim back my PPI?

All banks offer a free complaints service and you have the power to lodge a complaint on your own behalf. Gladstone Brookes will remove the burden for you and handle your complaint from start to finish – and we set out to reclaim the full amount you deserve. Fill out our PPI claim form now.

Why Gladstone Brookes?

We have been exclusively dealing with PPI claims since 2007. So far in 2013 GB have recovered £84m for clients with a 89% success rate means you aren't putting yourself at risk by making a claim through us. Feel free to visit our Testimonials page to see exactly what our past clients think.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are as follows:

Easter Break

Friday 18th CLOSED Saturday 19th CLOSED Sunday 20th CLOSED Monday 21st CLOSED Tuesday 22nd 8:30am - 8:00pm

How much will my claim cost?

Gladstone Brookes offers a no win no fee service so if we are unable to recover any money for there is absolutely no charge. However, if a claim is successful our fees are 25% + VAT at the prevailing rate of any financial benefit you receive as a result of the claim.

How long will my PPI claim take?

Most cases are dealt with within 8-16 weeks of the Bank receiving your complaint. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) insist that all cases are investigated within this time frame, but if your bank cannot keep to this deadline then we will liaise with the relevant authorities (Financial Ombudsman Service) to ensure a swift settlement to your claim.

Will my claim affect the relationship with the bank?

NO. If you have been mis-sold a product you are fully entitled to claim back your money. Banks have started to begrudgingly accept that they have done wrong and so reclaiming your PPI will not place any sort of 'black mark' on your relationship with the bank.

Any other enquiry...

If you cannot find an answer to your question here then do not hesitate to ring us on 08000 149 014 or fill out our PPI claim form. Our friendly staff are on call to help with any enquiries you may have and to help give expert advice with regards to making a claim. Call us now!