Gladstone Brookes | FCA Delay Statement

Coronavirus Update

14th April 2020

Due to recent events in relation to the coronavirus, Gladstone Brookes are currently operating with a reduction in advisors dealing with inbound calls. Queries are currently taking longer to respond to, but we will answer as soon as we can.

In light of this, we are asking clients to email over any queries they may have to, and we will aim for someone to be in touch within 72 hours where possible.

If your claim is still under investigation, any updates on your account can be viewed on our client portal. Thank you for understanding at this time.

Please note that the lenders are also running on reduced service levels due to the circumstances. As such, there may be unforeseen delays in the processing of your PPI claim. We will of course keep you updated as best as we can throughout this period.

If you have received an offer, there may be possible delays with lenders releasing your refund due to the recent events.

If you would like to contact us about any offer you have received, we are asking that clients email us on and we will aim for someone to be in touch within 72 hours where possible.

FCA Delay Statement: Long delays expected for PPI decisions

6th Dec 2019

Clients who made a complaint in the run-up to the PPI claims deadline on August 29th might have to wait until Summer 2020 before getting a final decision on their case because of a massive surge in complaints in the run-up to the claims deadline in August.

Banks have been so swamped with claims that they expect it will take well over six months before they will be able to recover from a massive backlog of claims.

Increase In Volumes

We understand that a lengthy delay in lenders investigations is not ideal, but the sheer volume of complaints registered before the deadline, has created massive logistical problems for lenders.

It is understood that more than 2 million claims were logged in the first half of the year – an increase of over half a million on the previous six months.


The normal timescale for a claim with the lenders is acknowledgement within 4 weeks and a final decision can be expected between 8 and 16 weeks after that. This may depend on the complexity of the case. However, this schedule is unlikely to be kept due to the backlog that lenders are dealing with.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently informed us that they have advised lenders to prioritise correct decisions over quick decisions. They have also advised us that we should recognise the additional volumes being dealt with and be reasonable with lenders in relation to timeframes.

The length of delay will depend on the individual lender, but given the circumstances we believe that giving the lenders some extra time may be the most reasonable way forward and we ask for your patience while we look after your outstanding claims.

Rest assured

Though there may be delays in receiving final decisions on PPI claims being investigated, we will be actively monitoring the performance of lenders and seeking to obtain a response for you as soon as possible, whilst still adhering to the FCA’s communication to us. We will be in touch in due course, as new information becomes available.

If you think you might need help with your complaint sooner, for example if you have particularly pressing financial difficulties or feel that you are particularly vulnerable, please call us on 01925 321078 so that we can explain that to your lender, and they will assess whether it would be appropriate for them to deal with your complaint sooner.