Filling in the Pack

Gladstone Brookes has already recovered more than £800m± in mis-sold PPI premiums for our clients. You took the first step in making your own complaint when you called us. The next simple stage is to complete the forms necessary to make your complaint so we can recover money you may rightly be owed.

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Read, sign and date the documentation in the pack you receive
  2. Add any documents you think may be useful in making your claim
  3. Post it all back to us in the reply paid envelope

Congratulations! Once your pack is received by us we will make sure your claim is issued to your lender and then keep you regularly updated on progress.

Gladstone Brookes has already recovered more than £800m± for its clients and our customers rate our service at 4.6 out of 5* stars on feefo . If you have a friend or family member who needs our help, get them to call on 01925 568 13908000 461 826 or visit our PPI Claim Form and we will give you £50 on completion of their successful claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I fill all this in?

Don’t worry – most of it has already been done for you by the advisor who took your initial call.

Each pack contains just two types of documents:

  1. The complaint questionnaire which gives details of how you may have been mis-sold the PPI. This includes the Section F document for you to sign once you are happy with the details on your questionnaire.
  2. The form of authority which is your permission for us to investigate on your behalf. This form also incorporates our terms and conditions which outlines the no win no fee† agreement between us.

What is the complaint questionnaire?

This is the document which contains all of the information you gave us during the initial call. It is the evidence to support your claim so it’s important to make sure all the details are correct. If anything is incorrect please call us to let us know, so we can make any necessary amendments.

Once you’re sure everything is correct please sign and date Section F ready to return to us in the reply paid envelope provided.

Why do you need a form of authority?

The form of authority is your permission for us to contact your lender on your behalf. It also contains our Terms & Conditions.

A separate form is required for each claim you make; we will send you the relevant amount you need for your claims.

Once you have read over them, you just need to sign, date and return the forms to us.

What happens if it’s a joint claim?

If it’s a joint claim it’s important that both partners sign all the documentation or the claim cannot proceed. Both parties must give their permission before the lender will undertake an investigation.

Most lenders will accept one form of authority signed by both claimants. However, if you are making a joint claim against the Barclays group, we will have sent you two forms which will need to be signed separately by each claimant.

What is the Schedule of Claims?

This is a document which lists all the cases we have set up for you. If you notice anything missing or remember any additional lenders you would also like us to investigate for you, please speak with one of our friendly advisors who would be happy to discuss this with you.

Why do you need me to supply documentary evidence?

This documentary evidence is not essential and the lender will still investigate if you don’t send any. However, any evidence that you might have which shows PPI was attached to the account (like the original credit agreement or a statement showing PPI payments) proves to the lender that PPI was added to your agreement.

NB Please send copies of all documents to ensure originals don’t get lost in the post.

Why have you sent duplicate forms?

Duplicate forms are required if you have multiple claims as each claim needs to be handled separately because the lender wants details of the actual sale so we have to complete documents for every policy that you hold.

Which documents do I sign and which do I keep?

You need to sign and return the Forms of Authority and Section F forms. Anything else provided in the pack is for you to keep.

Can you get account numbers for me?

We can try to assist you, but the best way is for you to check any documents you hold – loan agreements, bank statements, online banking etc – or simply call your lender and ask them for the number as you have a right to the information. We may have your lender’s contact number so give us a call and we’ll try our best to assist!

What next?

Once all the paperwork has been checked, completed and signed it should be placed in the reply paid envelope provided (no stamp required as Gladstone Brookes pay the postage) . The envelope should contain:

  • The signed Form(s) of Authority
  • The signed Section F(s)
  • Any supporting documents you have