Returned Claim Pack

Have you returned your signed claim pack to us, but are wondering what happens next? This section deals with any questions you may have regarding the next step of the process, the methods we use to contact you if we require further information and how you will know we have received your pack.

What happens once I have provided the policy number?

Once we are in receipt of all of the information we need to proceed, the Letter of Complaint (LOC) will be drafted and sent to the Banks. You will be notified once this has been done.

Once the LOC has been submitted, the Banks will need to investigate the complaint. From January 2012, the banks have been given 8 weeks by the FSA to investigate your complaint. However, we know from experience that the banks can take longer, so we would prefer to quote 8-16 weeks and hope that the bank comply. In any event, we will chase the bank if the deadlines are not met.

I have returned my pack but not heard anything from you?

Once all of the documentation is returned, the file needs to be checked to confirm that we are in receipt of everything that we need. If anything is missing we will contact you and ask you to provide the necessary information.

Assuming everything has been received, it is important that we review your complaint again to draft our Letter of Complaint (LOC). The LOC is the first notification that the Bank receives and it is important that we get it right. Often, a well drafted LOC will speed up the process and reduce the amount of information that we need to obtain from you as the claim progresses. Therefore, we like to spend our time to make sure that your complaint is right from the first stage.

How do I know what is going on with my claim?

At every key stage of your complaint we will write to you to notify you what is happening. If we need any information from you during the claim we will ring you to ask for it. We will also use text messages and emails to communicate with you, so it is important that you keep us updated with any changes in your contact details. You can also log into your client portal here.

Why do I need my policy number?

Without proof that you have Payment Protection Insurance, the Banks are not obliged to investigate your complaint. Therefore, unless you can provide some evidence that you purchased PPI, we will be unable to act on your behalf.

I could not get my policy number – what happens now?

It is much quicker for you to get your own Policy number, so please check the following places if you have not already:

  1. Loan Agreements
  2. Bank Statements / Late Payment Notices / Settlement Advices
  3. Online Banking
  4. Call your Local Branch – You are entitled to this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1986, so do not allow the Bank to fob you off. They may also ask you to complain directly to them. Whilst you are entitled to do so, please bear in mind that we are here to provide an impartial service to you and remain happy to act on your behalf.

If you find your Policy Number please forward it to us using the contact box below or call us on 01925 320932.

If you are unable to obtain this information we are able to assist, so please do not become dis-heartened. All we need is confirmation that you cannot locate the information and to speak with you regarding some basic information so that we can make any necessary application on your behalf.