PPI Tax Readjustment

Our team at Gladstone Brookes are going to contact you regarding the tax you paid on the redress recovered for a PPI claim we settled for you, as potentially you may be entitled to a Tax re-adjustment and a rebate of the tax you paid.

Why could I be able to receive a further rebate?

At the time you received your PPI refund, a part of the payment you received was deducted by your lender and sent directly to HMRC. This was completed before the full payment was made to you and without checking your personal savings allowance which means you may be entitled to a Tax re-adjustment and a rebate of the tax you paid.

How can I complete this process?

We will be calling you from 01925 598026 to discuss this with you further.

You do not need to use a 3rd party to complete this process and can contact HMRC directly yourself for free. However, support is available for you to complete this process and that’s what we will go through with you when we call.

What will I need to make a Tax readjustment?

  • National insurance number
  • Annual salary for that year
  • If client receives a state pension – if yes how much
  • If receive any taxable state benefits – if yes which ones and how much
  • If client receives any private pensions – if yes how much
  • If client has received any other taxable interest within this year – if yes how much interest in gross
Information you need that Gladstone Brookes will provide you with
  • Offer date(s)
  • Your GB reference(s)
  • Your offer amount(s)

Deadline for 2016 TAX YEAR OFFERS!

If your offer was for the tax year of 2016 you only have until the 19th of March for us to be able to assist you, as the deadline to get these Tax readjustments in is 05/04/2021 so we need to process your details to get registered in time.