Filling in the Pack

This page has been designed to be a guide for the forms you will receive from us, and what you need to do with them. We have listed some helpful information for you to consider, along with some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the documents you will receive. You took the first step in starting your PPI Check when you called us. The next simple stage is to complete the forms necessary to start your check so we can begin the process of confirming your PPI status with your bank or lender.

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Read, sign and date the documentation in the pack you receive
  2. Add any documents you think may be useful
  3. Post it all back to us in the reply paid envelope

Congratulations! Once your pack is received by us we will contact your lender to start your PPI check process and then keep you regularly updated on progress.

Important things to remember when filling in your documents:

  1. Have you noticed any information which needs correcting or adding, including your name, a joint claimant, any dates, addresses or the product you took out with the lender? You may make amendments as long as you countersign any amendments you make. This is very important; if any amendments are made and not countersigned, many lenders will reject the form as being invalid and this would delay your check. Please also call us on 01925 234070 so we can update your details on our system.
  2. If you have been sent 2 separate Forms of Authority for a lender; one for the first account holder, the other form for the second account holder, it is important that these are signed separately. In cases like this, the lender would be one which does not accept jointly signed forms for joint accounts. This is mainly for Barclays and any related lenders included in the Barclays group.
  3. You must clearly sign and date the forms. The date you write must be the date you are signing the form. If this is either left blank, is dated incorrectly (for example the wrong year, or a date which is over 6 months ago) or you write your date of birth here, this will cause your form to be invalid, therefore delaying your check.
  4. If you receive a form just in your name, and realise the account was in fact a joint account, please call us on 01925 234070 so we can update this on your case and re-issue a corrected form to you for both account holders to sign.


What is the form of authority?

The form of authority is your permission for us to contact your lender on your behalf. It also contains our Terms & Conditions. A separate form is required for each case we are dealing with, and we will send you the relevant amount of forms we require. Once you have read over them, you just need to sign, date and return the forms to us.

What happens if it’s a joint account?

If it’s a joint case it’s important that both partners sign and date all the documentation or the case cannot proceed. Both parties must give their permission before the lender will undertake an investigation. Most lenders will accept one form of authority signed by both account holders. However, if your case is for a joint account with the Barclays group, we will have sent you two forms which will need to be signed separately by each account holder.

Do I need to supply documentary evidence?

When we have set up any PPI checks for you, you will receive forms to sign and return. When returning these to us, if you have any evidence of having paid PPI, if you send a photocopy of this to us, this may help us in our investigations. This documentary evidence is not essential and the lender will still investigate their records if you don’t send any, but depending on the lender’s response, it is possible that it may be asked for at some point.

NB Please send copies of all documents to ensure originals don’t get lost in the post.

Which documents do I sign and which do I keep?

You need to sign and return any Forms of Authority we send to you. You will receive a pack from us with these forms along with a cover letter but it is only the Forms of Authority we require you to sign and return; everything else in the pack is for you to keep.

Can you get account numbers for me?

This is one of the aims of the initial Pre-submission process – we contact your lenders with the aim of confirming which accounts you have had PPI on. In some cases, often when the lender’s systems do not go back far enough, they may ask for account numbers to help them search for your records. If this happens, we can advise you of the options by which this can be obtained.

What next?

Once you have read, signed and dated all of the forms we have sent to you, please return the signed forms only in the pre-paid envelope we provided with the pack. When we receive the completed forms, we will proceed with your check, keeping you updated along the way!