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charity of the month

Chris Murphy (Development Officer) and Katie Griffiths (Scheme Manager) receive the £400 donation from Becky Scully (centre)

Home-Start Warrington is our first charity of the month for 2018 and was nominated by Becky Scully.

The charity works with disadvantaged children and young families in Warrington, supporting them to be healthy, stay safe, be happy, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well-being.

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Record PPI payout latest among millions

Record PPI payout

Gladstone Brookes’ record PPI payout to a single client of more than £163,000 is just the latest of many millions Britain’s banking industry has paid out since January 2011.

The latest Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) figures show PPI payouts from the UK’s lenders continuing to their resurgence in 2017 with £324.8 million being paid out in October, taking the overall total to £28.8 billion.Read More

MPs warn Barclays about compensation closure plan

MPs warn Barclays

A pair of influential MPs has warned Barclays Bank that they should not shut down a compensation fund for the mis-selling of ‘debt waiver’ products.

The bank is due to appear in the High Court in February after being challenged over halting payments of compensation over the potential mis-selling of payment break plans (PBP) to tens of thousands of credit card holders.Read More

Government to give away £ millions from dormant accounts


The government plans to give away up to £330 million locked in dormant bank accounts to a range of good causes, including helping consumers with problem debt.

The charity bank raid was launched by ministers to recover cash lodged in dormant accounts from both banks and building societies across the country.  The money is collected by The Reclaim Fund and handed over for distribution.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – A new record PPI payout for a single client

Success story

Company director Richard from the West Country had heard all about PPI and the possibility the compensation available if the policies had been mis-sold, but he never did anything about it.

“If I’m honest about it there was a mixture of laziness and a lack of knowledge about how to go about it,” he said.Read More

What will Open Banking mean for you?

open banking

We are weeks away from a revolution in British banking, but most of us have no idea what Open Banking will mean for us.

From January 13 the new Open Banking rules will allow customers to easily and securely instruct their banks to share their personal financial information with other banks and financially regulated companies.Read More

Hundreds of bank branch closures in 2017

hundreds of closures

Britain’s high street banks shed almost a thousand branches in 2017.

Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS (which also includes Natwest) announced they would be closing 471, more than a third of their network.  Lloyds Banking Group (which also includes Halifax and Bank Of Scotland) earmarked 250 for closure.  Barclays closed 98 and HSBC announced that 129 will have to go.Read More

RBS agrees another $125 million US payout

New RBS payout

Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) has agreed another $125 million payout in America for the mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities.

The payment of £92.5 million will be made to two large California pension funds who claimed their members lost millions of dollars in the sale of the securities which were at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis in America.Read More

What will happen when PPI compensation runs out?

economic effect

Analysts have attributed PPI compensation as a £28.5 billion boost to the UK economy, but now they are starting to ask what will happens when the money runs out?

Lenders continue to pay compensation on successful mis-selling claims at an average of £250,000 a month, with the rate of payouts starting to rise since the PPI claims deadline was announced.Read More

Millions in PPI payouts could go unpaid

ppi survey

Millions of pounds in PPI payouts could go unpaid because the consumers either have no idea money is owed to them or haven’t bothered to make a claim against their lender.

A new survey of nearly 900 people has revealed 80% have no idea that the deadline for making PPI claims is just over a year from now.Read More