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Santander pulls out of Williams & Glyn deal

Santander pulls out of Williams & Glyn deal

Spanish bank Santander has pulled out of negotiations to buy 300 branches of Williams & Glyn from Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) for a reputed £1.9 billion.

It is understood Santander had made a formal offer to buy the branches last month, but has now dropped out of the negotiations.Read More

How high will the PPI bill go?

How high will the PPI bill go?

When news started to break about the mass mis-selling of PPI by many of Britain’s lenders, a tentative estimate for the whole bill was given as between £3 billion and £4 billion.

Now it would be a brave person who would give an estimate of the final cost of what has grown into the biggest financial scandal this country has ever seen.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I didn’t think I’d get anything back from Woolwich

PPI success story

Robert James suspected he may have had PPI attached to his mortgage, but didn’t think he would be able to make a successful claim because the building society had been taken over.

I was discussing it with my daughter who had made her own successful claim a couple of years before and I told her I didn’t think I’d get anything back from the Woolwich because they had been taken over by Barclays,” he said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I was expecting £2,000!

PPI success story

Neil Page had never got around to making any sort of claim for mis-sold PPI, but when he saw the Gladstone Brookes TV advert he finally decided to give it a go.

“Why not give it a go,” I thought.  “I’ve nothing to lose.  So I gave them a call and waited to see what happened.”


The Gladstone Brookes investigation discovered four separate agreements with PPI attached and once the claims had been made Natwest and Barclaycard both admitted the insurance had been mis-sold.

Natwest offered £4,818.43 for PPI mis-sold on a loan and Barclaycard paid out £14,377.50 on three separate cards to make a grand total of £19,195.93.


“The service was great.  I can’t fault it.  I was expecting £2,000 back at most and they got me back almost 10 times that,” said Neil.

Braziliant schools Paralympics fun day

paralympics fun day

The Mayor and Mayoress of Warrington – Councillor and Mrs Aleeza Rashid pictured with some of the children who took part in the event

More than 100 children from 10 schools had a ‘Braziliant’ time when they took part in a special Paralympics themed fun day in Warrington’s Victoria Park

Jointly organised by Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation and Gladstone Brookes, the kids spent four hours enjoying a series of events including wheelchair basketball, archery, specially adapted bikes, relay races, boccia, football and tennis.Read More

RBS could be facing a new $13 billion US fine

RBS facing ossible $13 billion fine

Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) could be facing a fine of up to $13 billion (£10 billion) from US regulators for its part in the American sub prime mortgage crash which triggered the 2008 global financial crisis.

Germany’s Deutsche Bank has just been fined a similar amount by the US Department Of Justice (DOJ) and UK market analyst Neil Wilson of ETX Capital believes RBS is next in the firing line.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – It’s all thanks to my son

RBS could be facing a $3 billion fine

Anthony Preece says he owes his £7,600.58 PPI payout to his son.

Says Anthony; “He made a successful claim himself and told me I should do the same to see if I was owed anything.  He kept on at me and I eventually called Gladstone Brookes to find the answer.”Read More

FOS still receiving 3,000 PPI complaints a week

FOS still get 3,000 PPI claims a week

Almost a decade after the PPI scandal first became public, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) are still receiving more than 3,000 PPI complaints a week from consumers who believe their claim has been unfairly rejected.

Figures just released by FOS show they received 91,381 complaints in the first half of 2016, more than half of the total number of complaints received relating to banks, insurers and other types of financial business.

Read More

SUCCESS STORY – It felt like I’d won the lottery!

PPI success story

When Margo Flanagan decided to see if she had PPI attached to any of her former finance agreements she thought she might get £100 to £200 if it was found he had been mis-sold.

“I couldn’t believe it when the letter came to tell me how much money I would be getting back.  It felt like I’d won the lottery,” she said.

TV advert

“It was the TV advert that prompted me to make the call,” she said.

The resulting investigation found that PPI had been mis-sold on a Bank Of Scotland loan and Margo ended up with £7,122.35 compensation.


Said Margo: “I had no idea whether or not I had been mis-sold PPI at any time over the years, but the service from Gladstone Brookes made the whole process so easy.

“It couldn’t have happened at a better time for me financially and I’ve already been recommending the service to family and friends.”

Co-op Bank sets aside another £33.5 million for PPI

Co-op sets aside more for PPI

The Co-operative Bank has become the latest UK bank to upgrade its PPI compensation provision.

Publishing its half year figures, the bank says it decided on the increase because of the possible increase in new PPI claims when the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirms the start date of the proposed deadline on PPI claims.Read More