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SUCCESS STORY – Free PPI check nets £4,941.19

PPI success story

It was a Facebook advert for a free PPI check which prompted Andrew Tyzack to see if he was owed any money.

“I saw the advert mentioned Welcome Finance and I knew I had some loans with them in the past so I thought ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’,” he says.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I would recommend it to anyone

PPI success story

Like many thousands of other people Nicola Brown had no idea whether or not PPI was mis-sold to her in the past, but she had a feeling it might have been.

“When I saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on the TV I thought I would give it a go and settle my mind once and for all,” she says.Read More

DAD 25 a huge success

DAD 25 a huge success

Dave Thmpson reviews the sponsors for DAD 25

Disability Awareness Day 2016 was a huge success and one that Gladstone Brookes is proud to have been involved in.

Despite horrendous problems laying out the showground at Walton Gardens, more than 22,000 people enjoyed the headline event of Disability Awareness Week.Read More

£252 billion – staggering total of banks’ conduct costs

£252 billion – staggering total of banks’ conduct costs

New research has revealed the staggering total of banks’ conduct costs over the last five years – £252 billion, racked up by the world’s largest 20 banks.

The total for the UK has been calculated at £66.5 billion in payments for fines, customer compensation and legal costs.  This figure is almost 28% up on the previous 2008 to 2012 total.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Mission of mercy

SUCCESS STORY = Mission of mercy

A successful claim for mis-sold PPI against Natwest helped Michael Mollan to go on a mission of mercy to the other side of the world.

Said Michael: “The windfall helped me to buy a ticket from  Heathrow to Perth, Western Australia on a mercy mission to support my brother whose wife of 50 years was very ill with cancer in a hospice.Read More

Top award for St Greg’s pupils

Top award for St Greg's pupils

Thumbs up from Wolfie as the Young Leaders show off their certificates

Pupils from  St Gregory’s RC High School have become the first ever group to complete a Sports Leadership course run by Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation with help from staff at Gladstone Brookes.

As a special treat the Young Leaders were taken on a behind the scenes tour of the Wolves Halliwell Jones Stadium before receiving their certificates from Stu Farley of Gladstone Brookes.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Money Memories winner Theresa Chapman


A spur of the moment decision by Theresa Chapman to finally find out if she had ever been mis-sold PPI turned into a life-changing experience.

The £14,419.49 compensation she received from PPI she was mis-sold on five Lloyds loans gave her the courage to quit her 9 to 5 job and start her own cycling business with her partner.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – “The service was fantastic!”


A friend who had successfully claimed back her mis-sold PPI was the catalyst for Lynn Howard to call Gladstone Brookes and see if she had been mis-sold also.

“She said they were very helpful and she was right,” said Lynn. “The service was fantastic – 100% efficient. I was impressed with every part of the process.Read More

SUCCESS STORY: £38,383 – Listen to the phone call that shocked Freda

PPI success story

Freda Thompson had been thinking about possibly making a claim for mis-sold PPI for a while, but hadn’t done anything about it because she wasn’t really sure how to go about it.

“But when I saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV they looked like just the people to help me.Read More

Landmark case could mean 40 million Brits get £450 each

Landmarkclaim against Mastercard

A legal challenge against charges imposed by Mastercard over a 16 year period could mean up to 40 million Brits will receive a £450 payout.

The £19 billion claim is the biggest in British legal history and is being brought by Walter Merricks, the original UK chief financial ombudsman.Read More