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SUCCESS STORY – It felt like I’d won the lottery!

PPI success story

When Margo Flanagan decided to see if she had PPI attached to any of her former finance agreements she thought she might get £100 to £200 if it was found he had been mis-sold.

“I couldn’t believe it when the letter came to tell me how much money I would be getting back.  It felt like I’d won the lottery,” she said.

TV advert

“It was the TV advert that prompted me to make the call,” she said.

The resulting investigation found that PPI had been mis-sold on a Bank Of Scotland loan and Margo ended up with £7,122.35 compensation.


Said Margo: “I had no idea whether or not I had been mis-sold PPI at any time over the years, but the service from Gladstone Brookes made the whole process so easy.

“It couldn’t have happened at a better time for me financially and I’ve already been recommending the service to family and friends.”

Co-op Bank sets aside another £33.5 million for PPI

Co-op sets aside more for PPI

The Co-operative Bank has become the latest UK bank to upgrade its PPI compensation provision.

Publishing its half year figures, the bank says it decided on the increase because of the possible increase in new PPI claims when the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirms the start date of the proposed deadline on PPI claims.Read More

FOS warns on scammers in £6 million sting

FOS warn on scams

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has warned that scammers and con-men have ripped off £6 million from UK consumers in just three months.

The total bill for the last 12 months was £775 million.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – It will help pay for the wedding

PPI Success story

Lee Childs had tried to claim back PPI on his Capital One credit card before and got nowhere.

But then one day he was surfing the net and came across Gladstone Brookes and decided to see if we could help him.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Free PPI check leads to reclaim of £22,946.25 for Ann

PPI success story

Ann Brookes had been thinking about making a PPI claim for two years, but had never actually got around to it.

Then she spotted an advert on Facebook for a free PPI check and decided it was time she did something about it.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – It was great service!

PPI success story

Sean Turner had no idea whether or not he had PPI attached to any of the finance agreements he had signed in the past, but when he saw the Gladstone Brookes TV advertisement he decided he had better check to find out.

Said Sean: “I wanted to see if there was anything for me, because I might have it and just not be aware.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Free PPI check leads to reclaim of £10,521.50 for Fred

Bank proved wrong

Fred Davies had tried to claim back PPI from Lloyds Bank himself a few years ago, but was unsuccessful.

“I was told there was nothing for me and thought that was an end to it.  Then one day I was bored and surfing through Facebook when I can across an advert for a free PPI check,” he said. “I just thought to myself ‘it’s free so why not see if they can find anything.’“Read More

Another mis-selling scandal

Anther mis-selling scandal

More than three million consumers could be in line for compensation as another mis-selling scandal is revealed by the UK financial watchdog.

This time it’s retail stores and garages – not the banks – who are coming under fire as a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation has uncovered ‘serious and widespread issues’ with the sale warranties on electronics and white goods.Read More

Only months left for some to make a PPI claim

Only months left

Consumers are being warned that for some of them there are only a few months left in which to make a claim for mis-sold PPI before they lose the right forever.

With millions of pounds a month still being paid out by the UK banking industry recent attention has been focused on the blanket PPI claims deadline proposed for the summer of 2019 with a £42 million awareness campaign being launched next year.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I can’t thank you enough

PPI success story

It’s not always the big sums of money we recover that make our clients happy.  For some £1,400 is a god-send.

Denise Humphries saw the Gladstone Brookes TV advert and, though she wasn’t sure, she thought she may have been mis-sold PPI in the past and called in to ask for help.Read More