Millions of people could still be owed thousands as lenders have set aside billions of pounds because of what has become one of the UK’s biggest financial scandals.

Billions already paid – billions more available to be claimed

To date £32.6 billion has been repaid on successful PPI claims, but the banks have set aside billions more in anticipation of a surge of new complaints befor ethe PPI claims deadline on August 29th 2019.

Mistreatment of consumers and poor handling of claims

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has investigated many instances of mistreatment of consumers and poor handling of claims.

Wrongly rejected

One such investigation came after the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) released figures in 2015 which revealed that 74% of claims referred to them had been wrongly rejected.

An undercover operation by The Times newspaper found that Lloyds Banking Group staff were encouraged to reject claims as only a small proportional of consumers would actually appeal to the FOS.

The lenders listed on this page are not the only ones we deal with

Many financial services in the UK mis-sold payment protection insurance at one time or another. We have listed some of the largest companies on this page, but you can view the complete list of lenders here.