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Important Information For You

Gladstone Brookes Ltd (GB) are a Financial Dispute Resolution Specialist and will handle your complaint about your Bank for the potential mis-selling of your Payment Protection Insurance Policy(s). Your Complaint is being submitted to your Bank via their complaint process. If unsuccessful we will (if appropriate) refer your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service for adjudication. We will not use the Court Service and will not risk costing you any money other than our charges, detailed below.

Once you sign this document we will send your complaint to the Bank. After this all you need to do is:

  • Provide us with as much information and documents you have about your policy
  • Tell us if you move house or change contact details
  • Tell us if the Bank contact you directly
  • Return to us with any information that we need from you
  • Allow us to deduct our fee before forwarding the balance to you
  • If payment is sent directly to you by the bank, you will satisfy our fees within 14 days

Gladstone Brookes will do the rest for you as part of the service.

Your Options

Before finalising this agreement, it is important that we advise you of your options. You can:

  • Not return the documents and leave the Banks unchallenged. This would mean that all of the money you have given them for a policy that may be of no use to you would stay in their pockets.
  • Make the complaint yourself; all lenders and the Financial Ombudsman Service offer a free service for your complaint, however, with our experience and understanding of the process, it makes sense to allow us to do it on your behalf.
  • Sign and return the forms to us. Let Gladstone Brookes challenge your lender and recover what may be owed to you. We have done this for tens of thousands of clients and have recovered millions of pounds per month for them. Can you afford not to let us do this for you?

My Policy

If your claim is successful, any PPI attached to the policy could be cancelled which means you would no longer have the PPI cover in place.


Our average claim can take between 8-16 weeks from the date the claim is acknowledged by the bank. Please note that any delays to this process may occur if the bank do not investigate your complaint within the alloted timeframe.

Also if the bank reject your claim your case can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in which no time frames can be given.


Our Fees

Gladstone Brookes will take 25% + VAT of the total redress offered by your lender, including any reduction of any outstanding agreement, which if in place the PPI may be cancelled. If we are unsuccessful there will be no charges whatsoever.

Our fees are subject to Regulatory Change and will be charged at the prevailing maximum rate.

Example of Fees

We recover you £1,500.00 from your bank. Our fees on this Would be £450.00 (25% = £375.00 vat = £75.00)

  • Please note that your bank may uphold other mis-sold PPI that you may have purchased as a result of our approach to them. If this is the case, we will deal with these cases on your behalf and the same charges of 25% + VAT will apply.
  • Some providers will pay 8% Statutory Interest to your redress payment. Please be advised that this payment is subject to income tax and that it is your duty to inform HMRC of the same. Please note this only refers to the 8% interest should it be offered.
  • In some instances, your bank may decide to re-investigate your complaint. If this results in your claim being upheld, you will still be liable for our fees.

What Is A Successful Case?

Your claim will be deemed as successful if you are awarded a return of any of the money that you have paid in respect of the PPI Policy. This will be awarded to you via either a lump sum payment, or an amendment of your existing loan term. The payment method adopted will depend on your circumstances. However, please note that should your account be in arrears then there is a possibility that any award will be used to clear these arrears.

How Are The Fees Paid?

  • You are responsible for the payment of our fees. These fees should be paid from the amount that you are awarded.
  • If you owe us fees on any complaint that we have pursued on your behalf we reserve the right to offset any redress you receive against your debt to us, regardless of whether redress relates to another complaint we have pursued for you.

My Loan Is Still In Force

If you are still repaying the loan, your settlement may come in 2 parts.

  • Part 1: You will be refunded all of the Premiums you have paid into your policy to date, along with the interest that you have incurred and,in many cases further interest of 8% on this figure.
  • Part 2: In addition, the Premiums that you will pay during the remainder of your loan will be removed from your loan and your monthly repayments will be reduced accordingly, thus saving you a substantial amount of money per month. Again, the total amount recovered could amount to around 30% of your loan. f this is the settlement that you receive, our fees will be calculated from a combination of the amount recovered in a cash sum and the amount we have managed to reduce your loan by. We expect our fees to be paid out of the lump sum that you receive. If you benefit financially from a reduction of an existing debt; Gladstone Brookes will require our fees settling on this matter, along with any compensation recovered.

Example of Fees

  • Refund of premiums £1,500
  • Reduction of loan £500
  • Total amount recovered £2,000

Our fees on this matter would be £600.00 (25% – £500.00, VAT – £100.00)

I Am Claiming On a Credit Card

If the credit card we have complained about remains open with an outstanding balance, there is a possibility that your redress will be utilised to reduce your balance. We must remind you that our fees are due from any financial benefit received. We therefore expect to receive 25% + VAT (less any administration fee) of the amount by which your debt has been reduced. Please be reminded that you are able to use the Credit Card in question to satisfy our fees.

Example of Fees

  • Refund of premiums – £200
  • Reduction of card balance – £300
  • Total amount recovered – £500

Our fees on this matter would be £150.00 (25% – £125.00, VAT – £25.00)

Failure to Pay Fees

If we recover your money and you do not pay our fees, GB have the authority to validate your application details with a Credit Reference Agency. We also reserve the right to perform a trace search on you if you fail to comply with the terms set out in your agreement to assist in recovering our fees.


You are entitled to cancel this agreement at any point within 14 days of us receiving your signed completed documents. After the 14 day cool off period has lapsed, any cancellations may be subject to an hourly rate being charged at a rate of £50 per hour.

You can request to cancel your agreement by emailing cancellations@gladstonebrookes.co.uk, or alternatively you can download and print off a cancellation form below, or fill out our electronic cancellation form.

Downloadable Cancellation Form

Electronic Cancellation Form

Full Name*

Email Address*


Reason for cancelling

Data Protection

All of your data is controlled and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used to help us pursue your complaint. Your files are kept for 6 years and will be returned to you upon request. GB reserves the right to charge a fee for the recovery.


If you’re at all dissatisfied with the service that you receive, please write to our Complaints Manager, 47 Museum Street, Warrington,WA1 1LD, or call her on 08442 510 510. She will respond to you within 5 days and look to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Consumer Factsheet (Payment Protection Insurance)

If you wish for some guidance on using a company to claim back your mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), then please refer to the Claims Management Regulation Consumer Factsheet.