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What Is the Truth behind Mis Sold PPI

The governing bodies of financial institutions in the UK are largely very effective at protecting the consumer from unscrupulous practices but despite their best efforts, some issues do slip through the net. One such example of this is mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) which for some time was sold at the counter to customers without […]

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Take Care with Payment Protection Insurance Claims

From the huge number of UK bank customers expected to make Payment Protection Insurance claims in the next few months it is likely that a lot of them choose to use a claims handler to do it for them. This is certainly a smart move but there are a few things to look out for […]

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Were You Mis-Sold PPI?

PPI has been grossly mis-sold in the UK and it is now that customers are taking a stand and claiming back the money they deserve. It has been estimated that over 20 million people in the UK were unknowingly signing up for Payment Protection Insurance. If you think you may be included in this huge […]

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All About PPI Claims

You may be wondering what all the noise about PPI claims is about. If you have taken out a loan, credit cards or a mortgage in the last ten years then it may be worth investigating into further. PPI claims are for people who were sold payment protection insurance underhandedly by their bank. So what […]

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The Big Day is Almost Here…

This is the last blog before the Great North Run! The last two weeks of my training I have stopped all weightlifting, and will just be doing running and cardio until the big day. The only weights I will be doing will be my legs to build leg strength. I have all my equipment, including […]

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How to Make a PPI Claim

So you have read about PPI and are aware of the situation. Millions of people in the United Kingdom were mis-sold payment protection insurance and now they are claiming their money back. If you think that you have a good reason to join these people putting in a PPI claim then what is stopping you […]

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Payment Protection Insurance Claims Made Simple

People are making payment protection insurance claims every day. Why? Well for many reasons. A lot of different people in various circumstances have found out that for one reason or another, PPI was mis-sold to them and they want their money back. Millions of PPI policies were knowingly mis-sold by the high street banks and […]

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It Is Advisable To Find Expert PPI Reclaim Assistance

In excess of 20 million consumers in the UK have been wrongly sold payment protection insurance and it is hoped that as many of these people as possible are able to claim their money back. Payment protection insurance is a product that was designed to help people with debt should they find themselves in a […]

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