Who Can Make Successful Payment Protection Insurance Claims

Millions of people in the UK have been mis sold payment protection insurance and those that have been wrongly sold the insurance can make a claim for compensation. Just because you may have purchased payment protection insurance doesn’t necessarily mean that you should expect to be compensated because you will first need to be able to demonstrate that you should not have been sold the insurance in the first place. Payment protection insurance claims are only likely to be successful for people for whom the insurance was ineffective, not needed, or they were not informed that the insurance is optional. If any of the following scenarios sounds as though they relate to your case then you could have a case for compensation:
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What Is The Story Behind Payment Protection Insurance Claims?

From time to time scandals arise and usually they involve people or institutions that we thought we could put our faith in. Most of us keep our money in the bank and organise financial transactions through them because we feel as though that is where our money is at its safest. Unfortunately however that is not always the case and payment protection insurance claims have arisen because banks and financial institutions have been selling financial products that are of no use to many of their customers.
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Help With Making Payment Protection Insurance Claims

Payment protection claims are the only way to receive compensation for your ppi payments. If you feel that perhaps you were wrongly sold payment protection insurance then you can get back at least some of what you have paid back. You can make a claim on your own through your bank or lenders usual complaints department, or hire professionals to help you try and win back the full compensation you deserve.

Stand Up to Lenders with Payment Protection Insurance Claims
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Mis Sold PPI Shouldn’t Be Swept Under the Carpet

If you have been mis sold PPI then perhaps the easiest thing to do is to try and forget about it. This is a pretty natural human reaction when we have been unfairly treated but here are some reasons why it isn’t the best move in this case.

Get the Money You Are Due

When you were mis-sold PPI by your bank you were given something you didn’t want or need and have been paying for it ever since. This simply isn’t fair and you should do everything possible to get back that money. Fortunately this is easy to do and you can soon recover the money by using an expert claims handler. Perhaps at this point you might like to try and forget about the issue, once it has been settled.
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Millions in the UK Have Been Mis Sold PPI

Many people in the UK have found that they were unfortunately mis sold ppi either by their bank or other lender. This happened during the application process for loans or credit cards. The payment protection insurance was often sold as an extra. The idea behind the ppi is to protect your payments if you were to suddenly find yourself out of work or unable to cope with the repayments if the amount of money came in.

People Were Effectively Conned into Taking out the Insurance
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Just What Is PPI

PPI stands for payment protection insurance, and is something that is commonly sold alongside a loan or credit card. The purpose of the insurance is to protect people against not being able to pay their debts should they be unfortunate enough to lose their income at some point in the future. PPI is generally something that is a good idea because anybody could lose their income without warning, no matter how careful they may be. Perhaps the company they work for goes out of business, in which case PPI would be a valuable thing to have. Alternatively somebody could have a serious accident which could make them unable to work, which is another instance where PPI would be extremely useful
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PPI Calculator – Can I Calculate My Refund?

Why don’t you have a PPI calculator?

A PPI calculator is a great idea, you type in a few details and it shows you how much money you are entitled to. However there are far too many factors involved in PPI Claims to allow this to be done with any sense of accuracy.  We believe it is not ethical to provide our clients with innaccurate estimated numbers. To start your claim, fill out our online claim form  or call 08442 510 510.

How much is my claim worth?

The biggest question our customers have is always the same – “how much I will I be able to claim back?”  Here at Gladstone Brookes we are committed to transparency which is why we will not include a PPI calculator on our website.

What makes my claim unique?

There are simply too many factors involved in being able to accurately predict how much compensation a PPI claim will result in.  Each claim represents a person whose circumstances are unique to themselves. Factors that need to be taken into account when calculating a claim include:

  • Length of loan when the arrangement was initially taken out
  • Whether or not the loan was refinanced
  • Any payment holidays which were taken
  • Your bank – different banks pay different compensation

These are just some of the points that we need to fully investigate and determine the value of your PPI claim. Only when we get all your information can we fully determine how much PPI you are entitled to.

How do I find out how much PPI I can reclaim?

Let Gladstone Brookes assess your case personally to determine how much compensation you deserve. We are experts in claiming back PPI and in a recent survey 96% of customers were happy with the outcome of their Payment Protection Insurance claim. Call us today on 08442 510 510.

If you’ve been Mis Sold PPI You Could Be Due Up To £ 7,000

PPI, or payment protection insurance, was designed to provide cover to anybody that finds they are unable to meet payments should they find themselves without an income in the future. Events leading to a loss of income can happen for a multitude of reasons and to just about anybody. Unfortunately however, there have been literally millions of cases of mis sold PPI policies and just about anybody that has been granted a loan or credit in the last 10 years may be a victim of the scandal. Many are not even aware that there is such a scandal. The good news is that more and more people are being made aware of the scandal and are being compensated for being mis sold PPI.
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How to Make a Barclays PPI Claim

As one of the biggest banks in the UK it is no surprise to see that Barclays are one of those most affected by the current PPI claim scandal which is such big news in the country right now.

During a number of years their advisers gave out bad advice to many of their customers who were taking out loans or other forms of credit. In fact, it is believed that the number of mis sold PPI policies form Barclays adds up to over 360,000, which is a truly staggering figure in anyone‘s books.
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How Much Does It Cost To Make PPI Claims?

Millions of people across the UK have already made successful PPI claims for policies that were wrongly sold to them and millions more are still to make a claim. Whether or not your claim will be successful depends on a number of factors and not all PPI claims are successful. Because there is no guarantee of success, many people may think twice about having to pay anything up front to make PPI claims out of concern of losing more money. To actually make a claim would cost nothing if you do it yourself, although you may struggle for a result unless you know what exactly you are doing. Although the bank may have been quick to take your money, awarding PPI claims is something that that will not be in much of a hurry to do and they may resist compensating a claimant as much as possible.
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