CHARITY OF THE MONTH – Macmillan Nurses


CHARITY OF THE MONTH – Macmillan Nurses

The Warrington Macmillan team: Helen Pennington, Mary Lilford, Lyn Gordon, Kerry Lindsay and Rebecca Ambler receiving our £434 donation

Possibly the most terrifying words you will ever hear are ‘You’ve got cancer.’

We all dread it and we all know someone who has been through it.  The lucky ones survive, but for many the diagnosis is terminal and that news is devastating.

Who can you turn to?

Who can you turn to? Who can you talk to? What sort of help can I get?

It’s not just the patient either – family and friends are equally traumatised.  What can they do to help? Where do they go to for advice?

Help and expertise

Fortunately this is where Macmillan Cancer Care can step into the breach and offer all of their help and expertise in dealing with the situation.

Their motto of ‘No-ne should face cancer alone’ is a message of hope to people going through the most difficult time imaginable.

‘We’re here’

Their website tells you: “When you need someone to turn to, we’re here. Right from the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment and beyond, we’re a constant source of support, giving you the energy and inspiration to help you take back control of your life, and feel more like yourself again.”

The most visible part of the organisation are the Macmillan Nurses themselves who look after patients across the UK.  They all have at least five years experience, including two or more years in cancer or palliative care.  They have completed specialist courses in pain and symptoms management and psychological support.

Warrington team

The Warrington team are based at St Rocco’s Hospice from where they look after an average 350 new patients a year.  One of them is Heather Johnson’s dad and it’s why she nominated Macmillan as our first charity of the month for 2017.

Said Heather: “Since my Dad’s cancer diagnosis in late 2016, Macmillan have been there to help both him and the family cope with the initial shock. They have answered any questions we’ve had and provided lots of emotional support through a time of confusion and uncertainty.

“After a major operation and Christmas hospital stay, Dad is now home and receives continuous care and support from both district and Macmillan nurses. As a family, we have a long journey ahead of us, which will be cushioned by the help provided by Macmillan.”


Receiving our £434 donation, team leader, Mary Lilford, said: “Thank you so much for this kind donation. It’s gifts like these that make such a difference to the quality of care we can give our patients.

“We are really grateful to have been considered for your help and you can be sure the money will help us in our aim of improving the lives of those people living with cancer and inspiring others to do the same.”