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SUCCESS STORY – I couldn’t face doing it myself

success story

Pamela Louth knew she had PPI attached to a couple of loans she had, but had never tried to claim it back herself.

She said: “My family have been badgering me for years to do something about it, but I’ve not been in the best of health and I couldn’t face doing it myself.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”


Like thousands of other people Susan Farnell-Jones had no idea whether PPI had been mis-sold on any of the loans or credit cards she had taken out over the years.

“I can’t ever recall it being mentioned at the time I took these things out, but then my son and daughter-in-law had a successful claim and I decided to call Gladstone Brookes and find out,” she said.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Free PPI check leads to £33,395.42±


When Alison Jennings saw a free PPI check advertised on Facebook it mentioned claims against Egg and as she knew she had a credit card with Egg she decided to find out if she might be owed anything.

Read More

SUCCESS STORY – I thought GB might be more successful

Tremlett success story

Gary Tremlett had made a successful claim against Lloyds Bank on his own, but when he saw the Gladstone Brookes TV advert he decided to give us a call to see if there was anything else we could do.

Said Gary: “I did make a successful claim on my own, but I wanted to make sure I’d got back all of the money that was due to me, so I called Gladstone Brookes and asked them to help me out.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The team were brilliant


Jane Field was like many other people in the UK, unsure of whether or not she had ever taken out PPI on any of the agreements she had signed up to over the years.

But then she saw a Gladstone Brookes advertisement and decided to make the call and settle her uncertainty once and for all.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Barclays just paid for my new kitchen


Alison Carlick knew she definitely had PPI attached to at least one of her Barclays loans because she remembered being told that as she was under 21 should would have to have the insurance of she wanted to take out the loan.

“It’s grieved me all these years,” she said. “I never wanted it in the first place and I was forced to have it.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Painless service and a good positive result

Success story

Corporate financier Richard Wilson watched the Gladstone Brookes TV advert and remarked to his partner that he didn’t know if he had ever taken out PPI.  She told him to find out.

Richard says: “I rang Gladstone Brookes, spoke to  helpful advisor, forwarded some paperwork and mandated the company to find investigate whether or not PPI had ever been paid by me.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – £18,372.17± “I was amazed”


Retired businessman Anthony Alexander had been thinking about checking whether or not he had PPI for quite a while, but kept putting it off through pressure of work.

He said: “It was something I intended doing, but it got left and left and left.  However, I retired recently and after some prompting from my wife I decided to make the call and the rest is history.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – ‘I knew I didn’t have any PPI’


Estate agent Barry Lewis was sure he had never taken out any PPI and that’s why he had never made a claim for it being mis-sold.

“It was only when a relative said they had got something back that I thought I’d give it a go, even though I knew I didn’t have any PPI.”Read More

SUCCESS STORY – Free PPI Check leads to £2,143.09±


Mark Simpson was checking out Facebook when an advert for a free PPI check caught his attention.

“It mentioned Welcome Finance and I knew I’d had stuff with them and I thought ‘if you don’t try, you don’t get.’”Read More