RBS to close 162 branches and cut 792 jobs

RBS to close more branches

Just days after announcing a trebling of profits to £792 million in the first quarter of the year, Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) has announced it intends to close another 162 branches and cut 792 jobs.

Plans to set up a new challenger bank under the Williams & Glyn brand name have been scrapped, leaving the bank with two separate networks running side by side.Read More

Is FOS solely to blame for PPI backlog?

Is FOS entirely to blame

The Channel 4 Dispatches programme highlighted major problems with the handling of financial appeal cases by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), alleging poorly trained staff making wrong decisions on appeals and favouring the banks above the consumer.

After an undercover reporter infiltrated FOS’s training programme and found some staff had to Google a financial product after being asked to make an appeal judgement on a case.Read More

Lloyds axes more than 900 jobs

Lloyds axes more than 900 jobs

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has announced the axing of more than 900 jobs in the latest phase of its shake-up across the business.

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What will Open Banking mean for you?

open banking

We are weeks away from a revolution in British banking, but most of us have no idea what Open Banking will mean for us.

From January 13 the new Open Banking rules will allow customers to easily and securely instruct their banks to share their personal financial information with other banks and financially regulated companies.Read More

Hundreds of bank branch closures in 2017

Hundreds of bank branch closures in 2017

Britain’s high street banks shed almost a thousand branches in 2017.

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RBS to close one in four branches

RBS to close one in four branches

Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS) has announced the closure of 259 branches and the axing of 680 jobs, blaming the growth of online banking for the move.

The number of closures have so concerned Scottish business minister Paul Wheelhouse that he has urged the UK government to take steps to ensure that communities have access to day-to-day banking services.Read More

SUCCESS STORY – The service has been excellent


Alan Jones had taken out quite a few loans and credit cards in the past, but he had no idea whether or not he had PPI attached to any of them and so had never made a claim.

“Then my partner made a claim through Gladstone Brookes on some of the agreements she had had in the past and got back over £1,500. I thought to myself ‘if she can get a result like that maybe I should have a go’ so I rang up and spoke to an advisor,” said Alan.

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Money Memories Weddings

At Gladstone Brookes we are proud to say we have recovered more than £800 million in mis-sold PPI for our clients, consistently recovering life-changing sums of money for our many happy clients.

But some payouts stand out from the rest – not because of the amount of money involved rather the effect it has on the client’s life, helping them to achieve one of those special milestones we all strive so hard for.Read More

Is a PPI claim not worth the effort?

Not worth the effort - You can't have success without making a claimNot worth the effort - You can't have success without making a claim

People have lots of reasons for not making a PPI claim and at Gladstone Brookes, we hear them all.

Some have been too busy to make a claim and others – like 19% of those surveyed by Which? recently – think that the potential amount of compensation is not worth the effort.

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FCA sees record number of complaints

FCA sees record number of complaints

Britain’s financial watchdog has reported a record 3.04 million complaints in the second half of 2016.

Claims for mis-sold PPI were still the largest group, accounting for 29% of the overall total.Read More