Starting a claim

It’s simple to get your claim started with Gladstone Brookes. Either complete our PPI claim form on the right-hand side of this page, or call us on 01925 568 13908000 461 826 and let our knowledgeable friendly staff guide you through the process.

We aim to recover 100% of any premiums that you have paid, plus any interest paid on those premiums and where possible a further 8% in simple interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How successful have you been for others?

We have challenged a wide variety of lenders and have recovered more than £775m± in compensation for our clients.

Though you can make a claim yourself to the lender, Gladstone Brookes has years of experience in making successful claims. Our customers rate our service 4.7 out of 5* stars on feefo.

How can I make my claim?

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. We give you a call – this should only take around 10-15 minutes
  2. We send out your claim pack – just read & sign the documents, date and return
  3. We proceed with your claim from start to finish

When we speak to you our specialist staff will ask a few simple questions to establish whether or not you have a viable claim and will then help you to complete the official claim form with details of why you think your PPI was mis-sold to you.

How much will my claim cost?

The adviser you speak to will also explain our no win no fee† agreement and the fees we charge if we are successful in recovering money for you. If we are unable to obtain any redress for you then there is absolutely nothing to pay. We have no administration charges – in fact, Gladstone Brookes does not charge any up front fees.

If your claim is successful our fees are 25% + VAT of the total redress offered by your lender, including any reduction of any outstanding agreement, which if in place the PPI may be cancelled. If we are unsuccessful there will be no charges whatsoever.

How long will my claim take?

Your advisor will be able to explain the timescales expected for a claim of this type which are typically between 8-16 weeks from the date the lender acknowledges the claim to a decision being made.

Why have I not received my pack yet?

If you have waited for more than 7 days after speaking with us and are yet to receive your forms from us, email us at or speak with us on 01925551868 and we can arrange for your forms to be re-sent to you.

Are the forms I will receive complicated?

Your forms will come to you with all the necessary information already entered for you. Please check it is correct and then sign & date in the indicated places before returning them in the reply paid envelope.

Can you help me complete the documents?

As already stated the documents will have most of the information already entered when you receive them and if the rest of the topics in this Information Suite don’t answer your question then please call us our Helpline on 01925 568 13908000 461 826 and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

What happens next?

Once we have all your details we will send out your claim pack for signature and once it’s returned correctly completed your claim is ready to go off to your lender.