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If you’re ready to start your claim with Gladstone Brookes simply fill in the PPI Claim Form to get started, or call us on 01925 568 13908000 461 826 from a landline or 01925 568 139 from a mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience the main things our clients want to know before starting a claim are:

How do I know if I have PPI?

Your bank or loan statements should itemise ‘PPI’ as a separate charge and so this is a simple way to establish whether you have the policy or not, although this may not apply to cases such as single premium PPI. If you are unsure, or cannot locate or understand your statement, then ring one of our advisors on 01925 568 13908000 461 826 to help you out.

How can I claim back my PPI?

We have been successfully dealing with PPI claims since 2007. So far, Gladstone Brookes has managed to recover £920m± for clients with a 93% success rate. To start your claim with us simply fill in the form or call 01925 568 13908000 461 826 , to speak with one of our friendly advisers.

How much will my claim cost?

Gladstone Brookes offers a no win no fee service so if we are unable to recover any money for you, there is absolutely no charge. However, if a claim is successful our fees are 25% + VAT of the total redress offered by your lender, including any reduction of any outstanding agreement, which if in place the PPI may be cancelled. If we are unsuccessful there will be no charges whatsoever.

How long will my PPI claim take?

Our average claim timeframe is between 8-16 weeks from the date the lender acknowledges the claim, to a decision being made. If your lender cannot keep to this deadline then we will liaise with them in the first instance and, if necessary, present your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service, in a bid to bring your case to a conclusion as soon as possible. .

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We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers, which is why we love shouting about success stories.

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With a success rate of 93% and over £920m± reclaimed, you can rest assured you're in good hands.

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We advertise across television, press, radio and online & we absolutely never cold call. Our clients come to us!

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Our friendly, helpful staff will deal with your case from start to finish, keeping you updated along the way.

Our Statistics


We have been successful in over 565,000 cases.


We have reclaimed over £920m± in PPI compensation for our clients.


Our success rate for PPI claims with clients currently stands at 93%.

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We do not resell contact details to any 3rd parties – your privacy is important to us! All data held is used to either make contact with yourself or pursue your claim on your behalf. If you do not wish to use our services to pursue your claim we do not keep hold of your data and it is destroyed. All data held is in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Read more about our Privacy Policy here.

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