PPI Claims in Arrears

Reclaim Payment Protection Insurance with Money Management Team

Payment Protection Insurance Claims or “PPI claims”, work very differently when you are in arrears. If it’s successfully proven you were mis-sold PPI, the money which you would normally be awarded in a lump sum will go directly back to your creditors to pay off your outstanding debt.

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Why Choose Money Management Team to Reclaim PPI?

MMT are a partner company of Gladstone Brookes. But they are not just a claims management – they are a debt solutions company.

    • Reclaim PPI and unfair charges

Money Management Team don’t just look at reclaiming PPI – they look to see if there are any other unfair charges over the history of your account (e.g. late payment charges.)

    • Renegotiate your existing debt

Money Management Team will use any instances of mis-selling to renegotiate and lessen the existing debts to your creditors.

    • Plan your future finances

Money Management Team not only help you control your existing debt, but plan your future finances by finding the best solution tailored for you.

For more information on Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) please visit our Payment Protection Insurance page.

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